fleeing the family

joe’s parents told us today that if we had 10 kids at once they would enter the witness protection program. today, i emailed my mil and got this in response:

“this is to inform you that the person you are attempting to contact is
no longer at this email address. name unknown.

so freakin hilarious. 🙂

joe and cady + 10

jon and kate have nothing on us. at our ultrasound today, the doctor told us i have *ten* follicles ready to go. ten! here’s how today’s visit went:

doctor: well, you certainly responded to the clomid.
me: that doesn’t sound good.
doctor: it’s not.
me: how many are there?
doctor: so far five. i’m still counting.
joe: how do you know those are all different ones?
doctor: experience. i need to concentrate on counting all of them.
joe: i think that’s her way of telling me to shut up.

i ended up with six in my left ovary and four in my right. the funny thing is, when she said i responded to the clomid, i turned to joe and said, “we’re going to have 10 babies!” what a lucky guess. man, 10 eggs. when kate had her ultrasound before getting pregnant, she only had three follicles with a possibility of a fourth. and, she ended up with six babies. there’s no telling how many babies we would end up with. so for that reason, and the health risks for both me and the babies, we have decided to go with the doctor’s recommendation and not try this cycle. it’s just too risky. she said they try for 1-2 follicles with clomid, and i had 10. i’m still in shock. i wasn’t expecting that at all. the doctor also asked if i was feeling bloated because she said my ovaries were *very* large and that women whose ovaries respond like that retain a *lot* of water. i’m hoping that’s where the two pounds i gained from yesterday have come from. 🙂

i’m kind of bummed right now. i know i shouldn’t be because, as the doctor said, many women don’t respond with just 50 mg of clomid. she said a lot of the patients at my clinic are on 150-200 mg of clomid and still not responding. i’m blessed that i responded so well, and all we need to do now is decrease the clomid until we find the right dosage. i’m just bummed that we can’t try this month. i just had a feeling that this month was it for us. and, the timing would have been perfect because we probably would have been able to test while we were all at joe’s grandma’s house for her birthday. joe had come up with the perfect way to tell them. we were going to come down for breakfast, and he was going to grab a beer out of the fridge, sit down at the table and say, “cady can’t have one, so i’m going to drink one for both of us.”

i think i’m also bummed because while we were at the store last night, we wandered by the baby section and found *everything* in a pooh design, which is the theme we want for the nursery. there were pooh bouncers, pooh exersaucers, pooh high chairs, pooh pack-n-plays and all sorts of pooh bedding and accessories, including an *adorable* pillow that you write your baby’s birth information on.

i’m hoping that my cd3 ultrasound next cycle is normal with no residual cysts from this cycle and that we can get the dosage right so we can start trying again. i really hope next month is “it” for us.

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