Sitting, Waiting, Hoping

Joe’s grandmother has been in the hospital since last week. She went to her cardiologist on Wednesday because she has been having a-fib (irregular aortic beats). The doctor admitted her to the hospital for tests, and she’s been there ever since. On Friday, they did a cardioversion, which is shocking the heart to fix the irregular beating, and that worked.

However, her lungs have fluid in them, and even though she’s had oxygen since she was admitted, she’s still not getting enough oxygen into her lungs. This afternoon, she had a ct scan, but we probably won’t know the results of that until tomorrow. Please keep her and our family in our thoughts and prayers. Joe’s mom is really scared, and I know Joe is too. Nana is his last living grandparent. I want her to live many more years.

Lazy Day

It’s been absolutely silent in our house for the last couple of hours. I slept in this morning, and Joe’s been in bed since around 11 a.m. or so. After being sick last weekend and through much of the week, I think we both needed the extra rest.

I love lazy days like this. I’ve been relaxing in the living room and reading. Whenever Joe wakes up, I’ll make lunch. Tonight, we’re planning another quiet evening by making haystacks (seriously my favorite food ever…we haven’t had them in so long!) and watching the rest of the disc of LOST that we rented from the library (I had no idea you could rent TV shows there! I totally wasted my money renting them from Blockbuster). Hopefully we’ll watch one of the movies on our DVR as well so we can free up even more space.

Tomorrow, my parents and my brother are coming down in the evening. It’s giving us a very good excuse to *finally* get our guest bedroom/office organized, since my parents will be sleeping in here. I’m excited. I don’t think they’ve been down here since we moved in last year.

Unwanted Eaters

A few months ago, Joe and I bought several bird feeders for our back deck. We hung a Hummingbird feeder and a Finch feeder from the railing and put a regular bird feeder on top. Our Hummingbird food was gone pretty quickly, even though we’ve never seen any Hummingbirds at the feeder and our Finch food has gone untouched.

Our regular bird seed, though, gets devoured, and not by birds. I look out our sliding door several times during the day and see squirrels darting across the railing, stuffing their cheeks with bird seed and dashing off. My mother-in-law had a problem with squirrels at her bird feeder too. They totally destroyed hers, but we’ve been lucky so far. Ours is still in one piece. Still, I would much rather the *birds* be eating out of the bird feeder rather than squirrels.

However, I really don’t know how to dissuade them. I may try some critter control. There is also critter ridder, which is supposed to repel squirrels yet is supposed to be organic. I wonder if it affects birds, though. Do any of you have bird feeders at your homes, and do you have problems with squirrels eating your bird seed? What do you do or use to keep them away?

So Long, Farewell

I think our loud neighbors are moving! Hooray! We came home tonight to find a friend of theirs moving out their furniture. Of course, the curious nature in me wants to know why they’re moving. Did they break up? Did they buy a house? Could they not afford the rent? I guess I’ll never know. I’m ok with that, though. I’m going to enjoy being able to sleep and not being awakened by the sound of my neighbor revving up his motorcycle or blasting his music from his front porch. This totally makes my weekend.

Firing Up the Country

I was impressed with Barack Obama’s speech last night. Not only was he incredibly well spoken, but he named many of the issues that *need* to be fixed, like tax breaks, reducing the U.S. dependency on foreign oil and finding other energy sources. That’s huge. We aren’t going to see gas prices go down until we cut our oil usage. That means more public transportation, carpooling and hybrid vehicles. I was fired up during the speech, and I found myself wishing I was at Mile High Stadium.

During his speech, Obama mentioned how during the primary election, some Republicans who had never crossed party lines pulled Democratic ballots. I think we’ll see that in November as well. One of my friends, who is a staunch Republican, called a few minutes ago and told me in his mind, the election is over for the Republicans. He said McCain was going in with one hand tied behind his back after last night’s finale to the Democratic National Convention, and now, with his announcement today of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate, my friend says McCain has both hands tied behind his back. I was surprised myself at the announcement. I was expecting someone more well-known. I’ve heard several theories — that McCain hopes her opposing views will attract the moderate and liberal Republicans; and that picking a woman might garner some of the female vote. There might be some truth to both of those. My view, though, is that picking Palin goes against McCain’s argument that Obama is too inexperienced for the job. Yes, she is the vp nominee rather than the presidential candidate, but she, too, is inexperienced. Before becoming Governor in 2006, she mayor and a member of the city council of a small town.

My friend says it’s Obama’s election to lose at this point. I think he’s right.

Eager Anticipation

This afternoon, Joe called me while I was on my way to work and asked me if I was pregnant yet.

He cracks me up. He’s going to be such an awesome dad. I’m totally sharing his anticipation, though. It seems like I’ve been analyzing every little thing that’s been going on the last couple of days. For example, yesterday I felt little pains on my right side and thought, Oooh! Am I ovulating?? And today, I swear I’ve felt those pains on the left side, leading me to think, Maybe I’m ovulating from that side now too!

It’s going to be a *long* two weeks for us!