Football Tickets

I really want to go to an Atlanta Falcons game this year. Yes, I know the Falcons suck. According to a recent story on Yahoo!, Atlanta is the worst city for sports. But, despite the fact that will most likely lose the game, I still want to go sometime during the season. I have never been to a professional football game before. I never even went to a Washington Redskins game in the 14 years I lived outside Washington D.C.

We figure Falcons tickets will be easy to come by this year. Besides the fact that the team is *really* bad, they also have the Michael Vick debacle working against them. I still think that is going to hurt their ticket sales this season, despite their die-hard fans.

There are several sites that I look at for tickets for concerts and sports games. One that I just started browsing is You can get tickets for any sporting event, from Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees tickets to Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers tickets as well as tickets to live shows, like Wicked, and concerts. I always prefer to buy my tickets from sites like this rather than Ticketmaster because you can usually get a *much* better deal, and I am all about saving money wherever I can. It’s hard to compare ticket sites because ticket availability and pricing can change daily, but Stubpass has a lot of tickets listed. I found 100 just for the Cleveland Indians game we’re going to in September.

So when we start to look for Falcons tickets in a month or so, Stubpass will join the list of ticket sites that I browse to find the best deal. What about you? What sites do you like to use when you are purchasing tickets?

Conversations about Getting Pregnant

Me: I didn’t really feel anything when I ovulated. Some women say they can feel it.

Joe: Wouldn’t you hear it? It’s like a gumball machine. The egg comes out and rolls down the ramp with a “brrrrrrr” and then clinks against the door when it gets to the end. I bet you feel it when you are. It’s like a slot machine going off inside you. Little bells ringing and “Winner” flashes inside!

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Long weekend, short run

In just two days, my three-day weekend will begin. Yay! I’m sure you all are looking forward to the long weekend like I am. We don’t have too much planned besides the 10k that Joe and my brother, Randy, are running on Labor Day. This will be Randy’s first race, so I’m really excited for him. And it’ll be good for Joe’s marathon training.

Since it’s pretty early in the morning, Randy and my parents are coming down Sunday evening to spend the night. It will be the first time I’ve hosted my parents here. I really need to get cracking now on getting the office/guest bedroom straightened up. It’s become our “catch all” room where we dump everything we don’t have a place for yet. I know they’ll understand, but I still want my house to be perfect. I’m really looking forward to having a weekend that we can dedicate to getting this place organized once and for all!

Rainy Night in San Francisco

I’ve been to San Francisco a couple of times, but my favorite trip by far was my high school senior class trip. We thought we were oh so cool because we were the first class to go farther than New York City and, therefore, *fly* to our destination. The trip out was a blast, since we had about half the plane in two planes, but my plane was late getting in. I don’t really remember the reason, but it was dark out when we arrived. We were starving, so my best friend and I went out with some of the guys to find dinner. It started *pouring*, and we had no idea where we were going, but we didn’t care. We thought it was hilarious that we were out late at night running through the streets of San Francisco trying to find dinner. That is definitely one of my best memories.

We saw a lot of touristy things during that week in San Fran (including the shooting of The Wedding Planner — why oh why couldn’t I have been in the group that actually met Matthew McConaughy??), but I still want to go back. We obviously have to so we can hit the Giants stadium in our quest to see all the Major League ballparks (I wish I could remember the name of it, but they all sell out their names so often I can’t keep up). Plus, I’d like to take one of the San Francisco tours there like the one from Trusted Tours and Attractions. I know they’re really touristy, but I’ve always wanted to do that in one of the big cities to make sure I see all the landmarks. I wanted to go on one the last time we were in New York so we could see things like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but we just didn’t get a chance to. Plus, their online travel guides and newsletters could probably really help me plan a great trip. And, Trusted Tours and Attractions is offering the chance to win a $150 to Magellan’s, which is a travel supply company, just for signing up for their newsletter. That could definitely go toward a new set of luggage…:)

Setting Everything in Motion

In 36 hours, I will ovulate. I have been giving myself an injection every week for the last 5-6 years, and yet I was *so* nervous about injecting the Ovidrel tonight. I guess it’s because it’s so important. I’m afraid it won’t work. It’s pretty amazing that 50 mg of liquid can make things happen. I’m going to be full of fear and paranoia for the next two weeks. I’m just so afraid of getting my hopes up again.