So tomorrow is it. I’m starting Weight Watchers. I’ve been having mixed emotions about it. One minute I’m all ready to go and excited to start, picturing how I’ll look when it’s all over, and the next I’m freaking out wondering how in the world I’ll be able to lose weight counting points when I couldn’t counting calories. And, I’m a bit nervous about going to the meetings. I’m a pretty shy person, and this will definitely get me out of my comfort zone.

This was my “last week” and I totally pigged out. Shockingly, I didn’t gain any weight. I actually lost a little bit. Maybe that’s what I’ve needed to do all along. Haha.

So send me good thoughts and good vibes. Oh, and if any of you who are on WW/have done WW have any great, filling, low point, meatless meal ideas, send them my way!

Wordless Wednesday: Watch out Clint Eastwood!

in the line of fire

My grandpa looks like such a special agent with his big, dark sunglasses and his hearing aid headphones, so Joe couldn’t help but Photoshop him into the original Clint Eastwood poster. I think it’s awesome. My dad calls me every so often laughing hysterically after looking at it.

Debit Versus Credit

While browsing around today on Forum Finder, I stumbled upon a new blog called Debit Versus Credit. Now, I’m not one to read financial blogs mainly because a lot of them are quite over my head. I’m not good with numbers and math (that’s why I’m a writer), and economic blogs are not my cup of tea. This blog, however, is different. It’s written in a way that anyone can understand it, and it’s really been quite interesting to read so far. Sure, some of the topics posted I already know about, but others are new to me, and learning new ways to manage my finances is always of interest to me, especially with the economy going south as it has been lately.

E.R., Ipods and Cranberry Juice

Well, I was right on one of my predictions. Saturday night found us in the local emergency room. Two hours and one scan later, it was confirmed that I had a kidney infection. It’s probably one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve never experienced. I spent yesterday relaxing on the couch, drinking glass after glass of Cranberry juice, and watching the mini series and first season of “The Starter Wife” on my Ipod. I tried to help Joe clean the house, but he wouldn’t let me.

I’m feeling better today. The pain in my stomach is gone, which is a good thing. Last night, Joe and I were talking about the people we saw in the e.r. waiting room. I’m always amazed at the number of rednecks there. I know it’s mainly because a lot of them don’t have insurance so they go to the e.r. rather than to a pcp, but it still always interests me. This time, we saw a man wearing leather pants with fringe and a billowy shirt with a leather pouch around his shoulder. Wow.

Weekly Winners — 10/05/08-10/11/08

Homemade salsa

Cuddling in the laundry basket
diz and callie cuddling

diz and callie cuddling

TV time
watching tv

watching tv

Trying to grab the camera
callie trying to grab the camera

Our DVRn’t

The good news: We now have a DVR that *allegedly* will record all the shows we scheduled it to tape.
The bad news: The satellite tech who replaced our DVR took our old box, which had about 50 hours of unwatched shows recorded.

Yes, we’re a little annoyed by all this. We had an entire season of “Psych” plus this season of “My Name is Earl” and numerous other shows that we still wanted to watch. I understand it’s not the technician’s fault, but I really don’t understand the miscommunication between DirecTV and its employees. For example, the tech told us we could keep our old box for $5 a month so we could watch our recorded shows and then returned not more than 5 minutes after leaving because he was told that wwe would have to pay $99 to keep our old box.

I forsee a call to DirecTV tomorrow. We really haven’t been happy with the service we’ve had from them so far. I’m really looking forward to our contract expiring. I enjoy having satellite, but going back to cable isn’t looking so bad either.