The One in Which I Complain about my Pharmacy

I finally received my Enbrel today after two missed shipments. That’s exactly the reason I wish my insurance company didn’t require that I order it from a mail order pharmacy.

Last week, I got my medicine ordered after dealing with an unexpected preauthorization request from my insurance company. I placed the order Thursday and was told I would receive it on Friday. Friday rolled around, and my medicine didn’t arrive. I called the pharmacy and spoke with my rep who said, “Oh, I just didn’t get around to sending it yesterday.”

That’s like me saying, “I just didn’t get around to doing the 5 p.m. news today, but I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise.”

I set my medicine up to ship on Friday and arrive on Saturday, and the rep was quite rude when I asked her a second time just to make sure we were on the same page.

Guess what I *didn’t* receive on Saturday — my medicine. I called Caremark on my way to my parents’ house and spoke with a supervisor, who said that the rep had noted on my account that she had promised me Saturday delivery but had set it up for a Monday shipment. He told me he would personally walk my prescription to the pharmacy Monday morning and take it to the shipping area and scan it in himself.

So, I received my medicine this morning. Along with another poor man’s Enbrel. The package was addressed to me, but when I opened it, the packing slip had his name and a lower dosage. I called the pharmacy and told them what had happened. The woman who answered said, “Wow, how did we screw *that* up?”

I can tell them.

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It’s a Go

We have a plan. We have a drug list. And, in just a month and a half, we should have a baby baking away.

My trial transfer and sonohistogram went really well today, despite the fact that we were never told these procedures have to be done at a certain point in the cycle, and I am just now at the end of my last cycle. We were able to proceed, though, and the trial transfer went well. There were no problems navigating the catheter, so the real deal should go quite smoothly. The sonohistogram was *incredibly* painful but positive. The doctors saw no reason why I shouldn’t be able to sustain a pregnancy. Yay!

We spent quite a while with injection training, the same class I had to take several months ago. It was much more bearable, though, because I knew I was going to be taking the shots and because the teacher was different. Joe had a great time learning how to give shots. He didn’t really seem to understand that he wasn’t the one receiving the shots, though.

ivf 1

Then he found out he would be able to give me shots (a *lot* of shots, I might add), and he was quite happy. He was told to inject the needle like a dart. He had fun practicing, and said that it works a lot better if he stands a little ways back from the target. I told him it wasn’t a *real* dart.

ivf 4

I start the medicines around the middle of next month, and my transfer will be in the middle of March. I’ll likely be pregnant on my birthday, but I won’t be able to test until the week after. Cross your fingers for us!

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The Inauguration, Legoland Style

I heard about this last night on the radio, and as soon as I got home I had to look it up to see for myself. The folks at Legoland out in Carlsbad, California, created a replica of yesterday’s presidential inauguration. OUT OF LEGOS, PEOPLE. I think it’s pretty freakin awesome, and it’s amazing how much detail they put into it. I totally want to work at Legoland now.

legoland inauguration

legoland inauguration

legoland inauguration

legoland inauguration

You can see more pictures here. So, what do you think??