Guitar Boy

Free Pictures | acobox.comJoe had a dream last night that he played the acoustic guitar. He woke me up this morning by telling me about his dream and how now he just has to get a guitar! “Plus, I can serenade our baby,” he said.

I think it’s great that he wants to get a guitar. In fact, I think it’ll be fun to watch him teach himself. Plus, it could be worse. He could have had a dream that he played the cymbals or the drums (too bad I couldn’t find free pictures of acoustic guitars for this post!). Although, he did threaten to buy cymbals so he could try out for the “Survivor” band. He always imitates the cymbals at Tribal Council.

I’m scared to think about what he might dream of tonight!

31 Little Schulmans

The report from today’s baseline u/s and b/w is great: no cysts, a perfect uterine lining and 31 follicles. Holy cow! I wasn’t expecting that. I only found out after asking the doctor if there were any cysts. “Nope, oh, and you have 31 follicles.”

So, I’m a pretty happy person right now. I start 150 units of Follistim tomorrow night and go back in for b/w on Tuesday so they can decide if I need to lower my dosage or not. The Follistim will stimulate my little follies to grow and, while they don’t want *all* of them to grow, they want at least 20 to grow and mature. That would make for a fantastic retrieval.

Retrieval is still tentatively scheduled for March 10 or 11. I’d almost prefer it to be on the 11th because, although I would have my blood test on my birthday, my transfer would be on a Saturday, so I wouldn’t have to take another day off and Joe wouldn’t have to stress about getting to work.


Boy, have I had a productive night. After work, I headed to the grocery store where, to my surprise, just about everything I needed to get was on sale! I have never had that happen before. In fact, the items I buy are usually *not* on sale. But, you can’t go wrong with 10 for $10 Powerade (for Joe’s runs), 10 for $10 toilet paper and 2 for $5 Morningstar Frozen products.

When I got hom, I unloaded everything, ran a load of laundry, cleaned out the fridge (I always forget to toss the condiments and coffee creamers when they’ve passed their expiration dates), and now I’m about to start dinner so it will be ready to go when Joe gets back from his run. Oh, and I got my car all gassed up for the trip to Atlanta tomorrow. Hopefully, it’ll get me a couple trips to Emory.

I love evenings like this!

Analyze This

Last night, after prayers pleading for peace and comfort throughout this process, I had a dream in which I got my bfp. I woke up and thought, maybe that’s God’s way of giving me peace.

Then, I remembered that right after the “pregnant” popped up on the screen, it suddenly said “not pregnant” below. So, of course, that made me think he was telling me it’s still up in the air. Maybe I’m just thinking way too much about this.

A lot of IVF bloggers I’m following are starting to get their bfp’s. I’m really happy for them, and it makes me hopeful, but at the same time I get more nervous. I guess I think that it has to not work for someone, and since everyone else is getting their positives, I may not get mine. Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking that.

We are 15 days away from the transfer, which is crazy because last week we were four weeks away. I can’t believe we’re going to have it done sooner, but I’m super excited.

Home Improvements

Since we have plans in the (hopefully near) future to renovate our house, I’ve started looking online at different things we might need for it. We don’t plan to do a lot of it ourselves because the two jobs we have planned are pretty big. We want to enclose our carport to create a bonus room, and extend that room a little farther up our driveway. That will make it bigger, and it will change up the design of our ranch-style house. It will give it a different shape, which I think will make it much cuter, and it will stand out more from the other houses on our street.

We also want to rip out our shower/tub combo, tile the walls behind and then put in a new tub with a shower head. This is the project we’re going to start with, and we’re hoping to do it this fall. This is also my pet project because our current plastic shower wall just looks tacky, and because I have a thing about tubs — our tub has some staining on it, and I cannot take a bath in a tub that is not pristine. I don’t know why that is, but that’s how I am. I’m super excited about this project, and I can’t wait to get it underway.

What Joe and I *do* plan to do ourselves is the painting in our house. We want to repaint all the rooms in our house. Right now, they’re all the same beige color, and I really want more personality to show. I picked out colors a few months ago, but now I’ve changed my mind on several of the rooms, so I’ve been browsing online at different paint colors and tips since I’ve never painted a room before. And, we’ll have to buy all the painting supplies, like different types of brushes, and of course rollers, which should make painting the bulk of the walls much simpler.

What are some projects that you’ve done around your house that you were excited about?

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