Lupron, Day 3

I’m sure these updates are oh so boring for you all, but it’s my way to document this experience to look back on later.

What is it with doctors? Yesterday, I had my wonderful experience with my opthamologist’s office, and today, I had to fight with someone from my rheumatologist’s office to send in a form for coverage for my Enbrel for two reasons — in case the IVF doesn’t work or, if it does, so I can order the medicine to have on hand for after I give birth (I’ve heard the flare up after birth is awful).

I think that’s a reasonable request. *Obviously* I’m not going to be using the medicine if I do get pregnant. I just want to get the paperwork turned in so everything is approved and ready to go for when I need it.

However, the woman who called me said that my doctor *will not* submit my form because I’m trying to get pregnant. I told her my reasons, and she continued to say, “Well, you’re trying to get pregnant.”

Right. I *totally* understand that. I’m the one going through this. I’m trying to plan ahead for when I will *need* my medicine. She finally sighed and said, “Well fine, bring us a *legible* copy and *maybe* she’ll take a look at it.” Really? You couldn’t read it? Because I could read it just fine.

So, there’s no telling if she will submit this or not. I’m going to be really pissed if she doesn’t, and I’m really considering switching rheumatologists. I started seeing her about 6 months-1 year ago, and I’ve never really liked her, not like I liked my last two doctors. She’s not very personable, and the conversation she and I had yesterday really put me over the edge.

As you all know, I’m trying to make sure I don’t do *anything* to screw up this cycle. I’ve been double and triple checking the meds I’m on to make sure they’re ok, and I don’t want to take anything that’s over pregnancy category B. I know I’m not pregnant yet, but I have to make sure my little follies grow nice and healthy.

When I looked up prednisone, which my rheumatologist says is the only thing I can be on during pregnancy, I saw that it was a category C, which includes medicines that either have caused or are suspected of causing harm to fetuses. Of course, that made me really think twice about staying on it, especially since Enbrel, which my doctor won’t let me stay on, is a B, which are supposed to be safe for pregnancy.

My doctor called me back yesterday, and despite my concerns she is having me stay on the drug. I’m just really tired of dealing with her and her staff, but now that I’m looking on my insurance company’s Web site, I don’t think any other rheumatologists are covered. Sigh. Is it really too much to ask for to have a doctor I feel comfortable with?

Lupron, The Side Effects

This is my second day on Lupron, and apparently the medicine is really kicking in. For some reason, I wasn’t thinking that Lupron would be the cause of mood swings associated with fertility meds, but now I know it is. I got *so* angry this afternoon. It was unreal.

It all started when I went to take my contact prescription to Walmart, which is slightly cheaper than the opthamologist’s office where I had my eyes examined yesterday. I was told at Walmart that it wasn’t a contact prescription, and when I called the opthamologist’s office, they told me that I didn’t need a contact prescription because I don’t wear contacts. I told them I do wear contacts but had run out, and they continued to argue with me, telling me that I would have worn them to my exam. Really? Because I’ve *never* worn contacts to an eye exam. Why do that and have to take them out there when I can just wear my glasses.

Long story short, I was told I could make an appointment for a contact fitting, but I have to wear my contacts. I guess they were ignoring the fact that I dropped my last contact down the sink drain and didn’t have any more, hence the need for a new box. I just wish I had been told I needed to get fitted for contacts. I was told, “Take this to the optical center to get your contacts.” I didn’t realize that meant, “Take this to the optical center to get *fitted* for your contacts.”

Sigh. So, I’m going in tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it. At least I can blame it on the hormones. And, now I know what to watch for so I can keep myself in check. I pity Joe for the next month. 🙂

Lupron, Day 2

Today was totally uneventful. No redness, no pain, no itching…makes me wonder if I did my shot correctly today!

Something is wrong with the thermostat in our refrigerator, and the temperature keeps bouncing back and forth. We have it turned almost to the warmest setting, and this morning it was 32 degrees. When I left for work about 15 minutes ago, it was 38 degrees. Hopefully Joe will get it fixed in the next couple of days. Until then, I’ll be going home during the day to check on it. I really don’t need my medicine getting too warm.

Lupron, Day 1

I took my first Lupron shot this morning. I feel like an old pro since I’ve been giving myself Enbrel injections for about five years now, so this was really no big deal to me. It was a little different in that I have to inject air and then fill the syringe from a bottle, but it’s pretty simple.


I was pretty excited about starting my meds this morning. I woke up thinking about it when Joe’s alarm went off but managed to get a few more hours of sleep. A cuddly kitty sure helped with that!


I was expecting it to burn when it was injected like the Enbrel does, but I didn’t feel it at all. I’m guessing that’s because it had been kept at room temperature. However, a few minutes afterward I started experiencing pain and itching at the injection site (boy, do I sound like an Enbrel or Humira commercial right now or what??). That never happens with the Enbrel, and it was a little annoying, but it went away.




So, it was pretty uneventful. I hope all my shots are like that, but since my IVF coordinator told me the the progesterone shots are terrible, I’m expecting those to not be a lot of fun. I don’t think I’ve really had any side effects from the medicine. I had some cramping this afternoon, and I’ve been feeling rundown, but that’s it, which is good. I’m pretty paranoid about side effects since finding out that I have cataracts thanks to my prednisone. I hope the meeting I’m covering tonight goes quickly. I’m so ready to go home and veg out.

Too Old for my Age

I have cataracts.

Are you freaking kidding me? I am 28 years old and have cataracts. The opthamologist I saw today told me I’m way to young for them. She thinks they were caused by my prolonged exposure to prednisone, which I’ve been on for nine years. Luckily, I don’t show signs of glaucoma yet, which is another side effect of the prednisone. It sure would have been nice if my rheumatologists had told me that I could get cataracts or glaucoma. Of course, who really thinks they’re in the small percent of people who will get serious side effects. I never did.

So now I’m an infertile arthritic with cataracts. I’m definitely not going to the dentist now. At this rate, he’ll tell me I need dentures!

By the way, I have a great post on our trip home from South Carolina that totally got overshadowed by my great news yesterday. Make sure you check it out!


I start my Lupron tomorrow.


Ok, I just had to let that out. I’ve been bouncing around and squealing to anyone who will listen (Joe, my family and a few friends) since I got the call from my RE’s office. My progesterone test came back showing that I had ovulated, which means that my RE’s theory that I don’t ovulate is incorrect. Since my uterus is “beautiful” and ready for a baby, I’m hoping that our problem then lies with timing or the inability of our little guys to hook up.

My retrieval is tentatively scheduled for March 17, and the transfer likely will be March 20, which works out perfectly because that’s a Friday. I’ll have the weekend to rest and will only have to take those two days off work. This also means I’ll likely be pregnant on my birthday, but I won’t know it since my birthday is six days after the transfer. We’ll go in for a pregnancy test around April 5. I’m assuming they process those in-house, and Joe says we’re not leaving the hospital until we get the results. He says we’ll sit in the cafeteria and read for the day if we have to. He’s one excited soon-to-be daddy!

I’m super nervous. Since our problem isn’t male factor infertility, I have to hope that it’s a simple timing issue. I know male factor is much easier to fix, but since they say my ultrasounds look good, I have to believe that everything is good to go in there.

I have no idea how I’m going to make it through the next month. I’m glad you all are here for me to squeal too because I know I’m going to start annoying my parents at *some* point! Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming…I can feel them.