My Follicles are Kicking my Butt

I am sore. Really sore. And tonight will be just my fourth stims shot. My IVF coordinator says it will get worse. Bring it on, follicles. The aching shows me my meds are working and makes the bloating and weight gain worth it.

My estrogen level today was 284. My coordinator said it’s a little high, but not too high. That’s all I really know about it. I don’t know what it should be to compare to. But, she said my lab work was good, so I’m not concerned. The doctor is dropping my Follistim to 125 units. I’m hoping it will drop lower because I *really* don’t want to have to buy another cartridge.

Tomorrow morning, I have an ultrasound and more blood work. I’m excited to see how my follies are growing. They sure feel like they’re getting big!

Scrapping Machine

I have found a hobby that really distracts me from the IVF procedure: digital scrapbooking. I never really thought I would like digi scrapping because I love putting the pages together by hand, but it’s really a lot of fun, and I can really whip out the pages a lot faster.

Joe got me a digi scrapbooking kit last weekend when we went to get my early birthday present — a laptop. I’ve been wanting a laptop for a while since, you know, I’m addicted to blogging and the Internet, and I could really justify it now that we’re about to have our retrieval and transfer. I’ll be on bed rest but definitely want to update everyone, and when we have the baby, Joe will be able to give updates from the hospital.

So, for the last few days, I’ve been playing around with my new program, and I’ve completed several pages. I’m betting that in the three weeks between now and my pregnancy test I’ll probably catch up on my scrapbook — and I’m two years behind!

kdp 2007

our first anniversary

nana's 80th birthday

4th of july 2007

oriona's baby shower

harry's birth

aquarium 2007

I think I like how they turned out. What do you all think?


Joe: “What meds do you need to take tonight?”
Me: “Nothing.”
Joe: “Seriously? No shots?? No pills??”

A night without meds *is* pretty shocking. On the flip side, Joe and I are both taking an antibiotic for the next few days. When I told Joe he had to take it, he asked me what it was and then said, “Really? I have to take something too??”

Right. Because I’m giving myself several shots a day *and* taking pills, and he has to take one pill a day for 10 days. Poor baby. I have no sympathy for him!

Let the Stimming Begin

I started the second shot in my hormone cocktail last night, and I have to say, I’ve never been so excited to inject myself. Sure, the Lupron was fun because the process was getting started, but this is the “big” drug, the drug that will make my 31 little follies start growing.

I have to take it every night at the same time, and even though I work a lot of late nights, I figured it would be easiest to take it around 6 p.m., right before my the start time of my earliest meetings. However, as I realized last night, I should only have one day with a 6 p.m. meeting to deal with.

The shot comes in a little carrying case with slots for the pen and four needles, which is quite handy for taking to work.


I was amazed at how easy the shot was. Sometimes with the Lupron and Enbrel, I have to push extra hard to pierce the skin, which can be painful. The Follistim needle, though, is so small that it just slid right in. I barely felt it.



I cannot believe how close everything is. We’re *almost* to single digits in the countdown. Last week, Joe suggested we go to his parents’ cabin for a relaxing weekend away before the transfer, and he was stunned when I said, “I guess that would be next weekend, then.” He didn’t realize just how close we are.

I’m trying really hard not to get too freaked out. Some days I do a good job with it. Others, not so much. Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming!

Weekly Winners — 02/22/09-02/28/09

Forgotten bear
forgotten bear bw

The needles lead to our baby…
needle bw

Kitty closeups


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