America’s Worst Looking Parents

On Sunday, Joe and I headed to Rome for the Rome Braves game. We love minor league baseball, and we thought it would be a fun way to spend the afternoon.

However, we forgot our No. 1 rule is “no Sunday afternoon games” for precisely one reason: the heat. It was unbearable, especially since we had such fabulous seats right behind home plate. We ended up leaving around the 6th inning, and when we got home we noticed how burned my arms were. They were bright, bright red and incredibly painful.

Joe was not having a fun afternoon either. His eyes had been hurting him, and by the time we got home, he was having a hard time keeping his right eye open.

On Monday morning, we got up to head to my new OB’s office, and Joe’s eye was so full of gunk it was almost impossible to open. And I was rocking the Wal-Mart burn with my half red/half white arms. As we sat in the waiting room Joe said, “They’re not going to have this baby. They’re going to take one look at us and say, ‘You can’t be parents!'”

And wouldn’t you know it, but as soon as the doctor walked into the exam room he looked at Joe and then at me and said, “What happened to you guys??”

I told Joe it’s a good thing our baby wasn’t anywhere near being due. He/she would try to climb right back in! I promise, we really will be good parents even if we don’t look it sometimes!


Tonight, I walked into the bedroom to watch TV with Joe, and I saw this.


He changed the sheets, made the bed and put one of my teddy bears by my pillow because he knew I’d like it. Not only did he do that, but he hung up most of my clothes.


What a Difference a Week Makes

My baby has a head! And arms! And legs! And I’m pretty sure I can see a little nose!

8 week ultrasound

To refresh your memory, here’s my scan from last Monday.

7 week ultrasound

Quite a difference, huh? I even was able to see the heart beating quite quickly. In the earlier scans, I either didn’t see it or had to have it pointed out to me. I’m so happy today! My little Smudge is growing so well. It measures at 8w3d, two days behind where I am in my pregnancy, so my OB tentatively moved my due date to Dec. 4. He said it’s normal, though, so I don’t feel so bad about it. Smudge is 1.89 cm long and his/her heartbeat is 173 bpm. Smudge was lounging around in there, and the doctor spent a lot more time pointing things out and talking to us about it than the tech at Emory did.

I do have placenta previa — which is where the placenta partially covers the cervix — but the doctor said it’s quite common at this stage. He said he’s not concerned about it, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Today was also my last vaginal u/s. Hooray! My next u/s is on May 26 for my 12 week nt scan (although I’ll be one day away from 13 weeks at that point). It and all my subsequent u/s will be done abdominally. I told Joe I won’t know what do when I go to the doctor and don’t have to strip!

A funny story from today . . . while I was sitting in the u/s room waiting for the doctor, I noticed smeared gel on the u/s probe. I know they change out the protectors, but the smeared gel weirded me out, so before the doctor did my u/s, Joe asked if they were going to change it. He said, “Uh, we don’t reuse them.” Then, after my u/s, he took off the protector and I noticed there was gel underneath on the probe itself. Yes, I feel like a moron. Oh well. I had just never seen it like that before.

I’m a little bummed that we don’t go back for a month. I got used to the weekly ultrasounds! I’m going to be excited to see how much my little Smudge has grown by then!

Joining the Club

I may be almost 9 weeks pregnant (and entering my third month, I might add), but I don’t feel pregnant. I feel the same as I did before, with the added cramping and weight gain. And, I don’t feel like I belong in the “pregnant club”.

Dealing with the inability to get pregnant on my own and watching all my friends and family members get pregnant and have children before me has really done a number on me. Even though I’m now pregnant, and loving the thought of my baby growing inside me, I get jealous when I see other pregnant women. I don’t know why. I’m one of them now. Yet, I feel the same as I did before I got pregnant and I ran into pregnant women.

I’m counting down the weeks until I pass from the first to second trimesters. I don’t want to wish my pregnancy to speed away, but I’m ready to move on past the point of worrying and to the time when I’ll really start to feel and look pregnant. Maybe then I’ll feel like I’m in the club.

Medical Mishaps

Next week on Private Practice: Two women who had their transfers on the same day find out the wrong embryos were transferred and they are each pregnant with the other woman’s baby.

Joe said we’re not watching that episode.

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