Scheduling with my OB

I made my first OB appointment today! Hooray! I feel like that’s such a big milestone. My last appointment at the reproductive center is Monday, but I figured I’d go ahead and make my first appointment with the OB because I wasn’t sure what the wait would be.

When I called, I was told the doctors were booked for the next 3-4 weeks. I gave the receptionist my information, got my appointment time and was told they’d see me then. I asked if she needed to know why I was coming in, and she said no. Regardless, I went ahead and told her I was pregnant from IVF.

“Ohhhhh, that makes a difference!” she said.

Right….which is why I asked if you needed to know in the first place.

Now, instead of going in three weeks from now, my appointment is April 27. In fact, they wanted me to come in tomorrow, but I told them my last appointment at the reproductive center isn’t until Monday. I’m really excited about moving on to my OB. I just hope everything keeps going smoothly.

Spring Storms

Our power was out for more than three hours this morning after a raging wind storm last night. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear it, despite the numerous times I was up to go to the bathroom. I’m just glad it’s back on now, because I really wasn’t looking forward to going to work without showering (no electricity = no hot water).

March and April are horrible months here in Georgia for storms. Usually March is worse, but this year we’ve been hit hard in April. Last Friday, a big storm hit our area, and we were on the air with special weather coverage for the two hours we were under a tornado warning. It was insane. It would pour and then stop. Then it would hail and then stop. Those patterns were repeated several times. And when I say it was hailing, I mean it was *pouring* hail. We had dime-sized hail at our house, and golf ball-sized hail was reported in the northern end of the county. I’m really surprised our cars weren’t dented. When the hail hit my car, it sure sounded like there would be damage.


We had numerous tornado touchdowns called in to us and broadcast over the police scanner, but after talking to all the police chiefs in the various cities in our county, only one was confirmed. It was in a city close to where we live, which is kind of scary since Joe was here while I was at work.

If this is the worst that it gets this year, we’ll be lucky. Last year, we had a tornado hit one of our cities, and we actually saw one right in downtown where our station is located. From our studio window, we could see it spinning, and we really thought we were going to get hit. I hope storm season is almost over for the year. I’m definitely ready to move on to summer.

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Weekly Winners — 04/05/09-04/11/09

Go Braves!
opening day

opening day

Nothing Beats Opening Day Baseball
opening day

(The following were taken with my cell phone, hence the bad quality.)

Have I Gained Weight?
callie scale

Cuddling Under the Covers
callie sleeping

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Houston, We Have a Heartbeat

May I present Lil’ Geek.

6 week u/s

Sure it’s just a blob right now, but it’s the cutest little blob ever! The u/s was great today. Lil’ Geek’s heartbeat is 106 bpm, it measures 3 mm and is right at 6 weeks, which is only two days shy of where I am in my pregnancy. The u/s tech says that’s normal. I, of course, now worry that my little one will one day be riding the short bus. 🙂

I’m just so relieved that Lil’ Geek’s heart is beating away, especially after the two bleeding episodes this week (one which started up overnight). The sonographer told me the bleeding likely is from the baby pulling on the uterine wall and rupturing blood vessels. That’s comforting.

I wasn’t happy with how the u/s was done, though. I had the same sonographer who did my scan on Monday and, like then, she was silent the entire time. When she finished, she said, “Ok, looks good.” And prepared to leave. I had to ask her if there was a baby, if there was a heartbeat and, oh, could I *see* my baby?? Seriously. I don’t understand why there isn’t communication *during* the u/s because when there isn’t, I start to worry. I’m sure that’s understandable.

So, it looks like I have only one week left at Emory. I go in for another u/s next Friday, and then I will be released to my ob/gyn. Hooray! That means Joe and I are going to be touring the local hospital this week to make sure it’s where we want to deliver. I’ve heard good things about the newer ob/gyn practice here in town, and a friend of mine who had IVF goes there, so I’d like to use them provided we’re happy with the maternity department at the hospital. I’ve heard very bad things about the hospital in general yet rave reviews about the L&D department. I guess we’ll see!

Six Weeks

Week six has been nothing but terror. Yesterday, my spotting went away, and I thought everything was great. I had a good day filled with dancing with Callie in the kitchen (now the baby knows his/her mama can’t sing!) and talking to the baby, whom we’ve named Lil’ Geek since Joe’s blog is called Fitness Geek. Everything was great, with the small exception of dealing with the billing department.

When we met up for dinner after our meetings, I started having really bad cramps, like the kind that make you double over in pain, which I probably would have done if I hadn’t been out in public. When we got home and I went to the bathroom, I screamed because I had started bleeding. Not spotting, bleeding. I think that’s the most scared I’ve ever been.

Joe called the on-call doctor, who happened to be one of the residents who’s done a lot of my u/s, and he said that varying amounts of bleeding are normal during the first trimester and, as long as it didn’t get worse by today (as in full on period bleeding) then they won’t be worried. I, of course, was ready to head to the hospital to get a scan done, but the doctor told Joe unless I was in the middle of a miscarriage we wouldn’t really see anything different.

We spent last night crying (ok, I was the only one crying), praying for God to keep Lil’ Geek safe and trying to take our minds off everything by watching the Biggest Loser. I’m surprised either of us got any sleep last night, but we did, and this morning when I first checked everything was gone. Then, when I went to the bathroom a second time there was some brown (old blood…a good sign), and now it all seems to be gone again.

I’m taking today off work. I think I need to just take it easy today and take good care of Lil’ Geek. Part of me feels that I could have caused this bleeding by trying to do too much.

On a different note, I have gotten a lump under my skin from the progesterone shots. I was hoping to avoid this, but I have slacked off in using my heating pad lately, so I guess I asked for it. Boy, is my butt sore right now, though!

Oh, and my morning sickness seems to have gone away, which freaks me out because I’ve read that the absence of pregnancy symptoms means a miscarriage could be occuring. And, I can’t remember if I’ve had the incredible fatigue in the afternoons. My boobs, however, are still so sore that it hurts to sleep on my side. Someone please let me know that these disappearing symptoms are normal at this stage in the game!

I can’t wait until Friday’s u/s. The doctor told Joe last night we might not see the heartbeat, but I’m praying that we do. I need to see that to ease my mind.