13 Weeks

I am almost through the first week of the 2nd trimester. Hooray! I still get a little nervous every now and then, but I’m definitely more relaxed than I was during the 1st trimester. We decided to rent a doppler, not just for peace of mind but to enjoy hearing Smudge’s heartbeat whenever we want. We tried using my brother’s stethoscope yesterday, but we couldn’t hear much. Joe said he could hear something very faintly that he likes to think was Smudge, but I know most people say they can’t hear anything at all during pregnancy with a regular stethoscope.

I’m still having the round ligament pain. It’s not comfortable, but it makes me think that it means my uterus is expanding because Smudge is just growing away. I also feel uncomfortable every now and then when I bend over or lean forward. And, it’s hard for my to sleep in any position but my left side. My belly aches if I lay on my right side, and I feel a lot of pressure when I lay on my back.

I’m completely in maternity pants now, and I wore my first maternity shirt last week because one of the few regular shirts I can wear no longer fits. It’s the only way I notice my boobs getting bigger! Haha. I’m in that in-between stage now when regular shirts are getting too tight but maternity shirts are still a little too big.

I’m so anxious for what is to come during this trimester. I can’t wait to see Smudge again on June 19 and see how much she’s grown. I can’t wait to “pop” and finally be obviously pregnant to people who don’t know me, and I cannot *wait* to feel Smudge move. I know it’s too early now, but at night when I’m laying down, I like to put my hand over my belly and see if I can feel anything. I don’t, but it’s still fun to do. There’s so much to look forward to, and I can’t wait to experience it all.

It’s a Girl! . . . Maybe

We don’t even need to know what the gender scan says. Today, we did the ring test and the Chinese Lunar Calendar test, and both came back as girl. And, we all know those are 100 percent accurate. All kidding aside, though, MSN tried out several tests on five pregnant women, and the ring test was accurate for all five, and the Chinese Lunar Calendar test was accurate for four out of the five. However, they said side to side movement means a girl and circular movement means a boy. I’ve always been told the opposite, and that’s what we based our tests on.

We tried the needle test that Connie told me about, and we got differing results. We did it three times and got a boy twice and a girl once. Then, we held the needle over my belly, and it didn’t move. Commence the “I’m no longer pregnant!” freakout. 🙂

I guess in 20 days we’ll likely know for sure!

Pink or Blue?

Three weeks from today we will *hopefully* find out if we’ve got a Smudge or a Smudgette. They seem to think they can tell at 16 weeks. I just hope Smudgie cooperates, unlike our last u/s when it was bopping all over the place.

I have to say, I’m pretty much on the fence about it. I don’t really seem to have a mother’s intuition about what we’re having. Some days I think girl, other days I think boy. Seeing how active it was on the u/s made me think it was a boy because, well, it was just so active. Joe has thought it was a girl since we got our BFP. Now, he thinks it may be a boy. It’s going to be a long three weeks.

For those of you have kids or who are pregnant and know what you’re having, did you have a sense of what it was before you found out, and were you right? Oh, and make sure you vote in our poll on the sidebar! It will be interesting to see what you all think Smudgie is and who is right!

Our First Baby Purchases

HELLO SECOND TRIMESTER!!! I have never been so relieved to have 12 weeks pass by.

Yesterday, I shared the gifts we’ve received for Smudge. Today, I want to show you the things we’ve bought for the baby. It’s so hard to pass things up when they’re so freaking adorable! There aren’t very many gender-generic clothing items, though, so I’ve bought what I could and now have to wait until we find out what Smudge is to do the bulk of my shopping.

The first things we bought were two onesies and the book “Goodnight Moon” on the night of our positive hpt. I know that was super early, but Joe and I always said that the first things we would buy would be onesies, and we just couldn’t help ourselves.

first onesies and book

And, I couldn’t pass up the Braves onesie and t-shirt I found. Now Smudge will really fit in with Mommy and Daddy. Mommy and Smudge can hit the games in their matching Francoeur shirts.

braves clothes

For the night games, we have a sleeper that says “Daddy, is it game time yet?”, and I also found a super cute onesie that our moms will love.

onesie and sleeper

About a month ago, Belk had Christmas onesies and sleepers on sale for like $2 each, so I couldn’t pass that up. The sleeper says “Baby’s First Christmas” and the onesie says “Are these people really my relatives?”

christmas onesie and sleeper

And the answer …

christmas onesie back

I found a super cute duckie sleeper (seriously, check out the footies! too cute!) and a giraffe onesie. The backside is my favorite part.

duck and giraffe onesie and sleeper

giraffe onesie

And, we picked up a couple more books for Smudge. We still have many more books to buy!


I’ve put my shopping on hold until we find out what the sex is. It really hasn’t been too hard since pretty much everything else is gender specific. Three more weeks to go (hopefully!)!


I have received so many gifts from friends and family members for Smudge. I can’t believe how many of my blogger friends sent us things for the baby. I am so humbled and spoiled. I’ve been a little nervous to post pictures of them during the first trimester, but since I am officially in the second trimester tomorrow I figure what better way to celebrate.

Lisanne sent us a pack of diapers, which is awesome because that’s something we’ve talked about stocking up on.


Casey got us the cutest pair of argyle baby socks. They’re so adorable!

baby socks

Connie’s gift totally surprised me. I thought it was the most awesome bodysuit ever. Now I understand why she asked if we’re still calling the baby Lil’ Geek (and we are).

lil geek bodysuit

Liz sent me a wearable blanket and the book “Your Pregnancy Week by Week”. I can’t wait to read it. And, check out the closeup of the top of the blanket. So cute!

wearable blanket

wearable blanket

Our good friends Mike and Suze sent us some cute winter outfits — a hooded sweater and a Christmas bodysuit.

christmas sweater and bodysuit

My parents gave us several things to celebrate the pregnancy — two Christmas onesies, a soft book and a stuffed lamb. Callie fell in love with the lamb when we first brought it home and was a little upset when I took it away, so my mom got her another stuffed animal made from the same material.

van dolson parents' gifts

Joe’s parents gave us the Dr. Suess book “Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?”


Bomma, my grandma, sent Smudge her first Bible. I’ve already looked through it, and it’s really cute.

first bible

Nana, Joe’s grandmother, sent us a box full of baby items — a beautiful blanket, a frog hooded towel, a frog robe, a duckie sleeper that says “Mommy Loves Me” and a duckie onesie that says “Adorable Baby”.

nana gifts

nana gifts

I’m just amazed at everyone’s generosity. It’s only been 13 weeks, and I feel like Smudge is so loved already. She going to be one cuted up little baby!

12 Weeks

12 week belly shot

I know it’s a little late as I hit 13 weeks on Wednesday, but better late than never. My symptoms from earlier in pregnancy have traded themselves in for other symptoms now. I’ve had a few headaches and dizzy episodes, and a lot of round ligament pain. It’s usually a dull pain in the pelvic area, but if I get out of bed the wrong way it’s quite sharp.

Speaking of round ligament pain, I ended up in the ER last Friday. On my way into work, I started having excrutiating pain in my abdomen. Now, I can handle pain because I get horrible cramps during my TOM, and this pain made me cry. It was awful. I called my doctor’s office, and I was told to go to the ER since they were closing.

And so, we spent the afternoon in the ER, which was not a fun experience. I’ve never liked our local hospital, and now I dislike it even more. Joe was upset that after 30 minutes of waiting in our room, the first person to come in was someone asking for money. They thought I had a UTI, which the doctor says is quite common in pregnant women (and I’m very susceptible to them anyway), so she wanted me started on an IV to get fluids going through me. A nurse came in to put in my IV, and even without the fluids dripping it was horribly painful. My hand turned blue and red, and she thought she had burst a vessel. She said she was going to have another nurse come in and check, which never happened. I sat with the IV catheter in my hand without being hooked up to the fluids for probably 30-45 minutes before a nurse came in to try putting it in another spot. That spot didn’t work either as it was even more painful. She said I just am one who finds IV painful. Joe looked at her and responded, “Really? Because she’s had several, including one a couple of months ago, and has NEVER had pain from them.”

Finally, the tech came to take me back for my ultrasound. Or so we thought. The doctor actually put in the order for an X-Ray. Joe and I just stared at her and said together, “I’m/She’s PREGNANT.”


We eventually did get the ultrasound, and Smudge was perfectly fine, thank goodness. She was bouncing away and just wouldn’t stop. The tech tried to look in between her legs, even though 12 weeks is way to early to be able to tell the sex, and she said, “I just can’t do it. It won’t stop moving. I feel bad for the tech who has to do your gender scan. You may not be able to find out before its born because it’s a little Mexican jumping bean.”

It was great to hear how active she is (and we realized we’ll probably have our hands full with her!), but we did have a talk with her about how she will have to stop moving just long enough for us to find out what she is. I’ve also been told to pace before the scan as that can lull babies to sleep. I’m hoping it works.

Four hours later, we were discharged. The diagnosis? Round ligament pain. Seriously. I would have liked to have at least been told I had a UTI. I am now officially one of “those” women. But, as Joe said, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I just wish my doctor’s office had told me pain was fine if there wasn’t any blood!