Twice my Size

Holy cow, guys. I noticed my belly was a bit bigger today, but now if I let it out all the way, I look like I’m 20 weeks pregnant. Seriously. And it’s really firm, not flabby. Yikes. I’m sure at 10 weeks I should not be looking like this.

Making Adjustments

I’m two days away from the 10-week mark. And, I’m now in that pregnancy limbo period where I’m too big for my normal clothes but not big enough yet for maternity clothes. I can still button my pants, but they now push on my lower abdomen and are incredibly uncomfortable.

Today, I think I’m going to pull out my yoga pants and start wearing them to work. They’re black and can pass for dressy pants, especially when paired with a work-acceptable shirt. And, they have an elastic waist, which is the best part. Besides that, I’ll probably start wearing my pants unbuttoned if my shirts allow for that. I think I have enough shirts that will enable me to pull that off.

Or, I could just suck it up and start wearing maternity pants early. In the grand scheme of things, does a few weeks early really matter?

Callie and her Bear

Joe woke up Sunday morning and found Callie’s small bear cuddled up between us. During the night, Callie had grabbed it, jumped up on the bed with it and put it in between us. She’s seriously the cutest cat ever.

My Belly is a Growin’

And so is every other part of my body, apparently. I have gained EIGHT pounds so far during the first trimester. I feel like that is an incredible amount of weight to gain, and I’m feeling kind of down about it. I’ve always known that I gain weight super easy, but this is ridiculous. I will admit that I have had some chocolate, but not EIGHT POUNDS worth. How much weight did you all gain during your first trimesters? Am I in the normal range??