17 Weeks

17 week belly shot

First of all, do I look abnormally large in this picture for 17 weeks? I sure think I do. I haven’t even hit 5 months yet! Although, I am getting close since I’m two days from hitting the 18-week mark.

I’ve been feeling good now. I still have some aversions to smell, such as when Joe eats seafood, but other than that things are going well. One thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t get up as much at night to go to the bathroom, yet I feel like I’m living in there during the day. Weird. Oh, and I’m getting sores on the sides of my mouth, which I’m assuming is from the fact that I can’t breathe through my nose anymore (thank you, allergies and pregnancy hormones) and have to breathe through my mouth when I sleep. Blah.

We’re looking forward to our appointment next week. I don’t know if they’ll do the anatomy scan then, since it will be 19 weeks, or the week after our vacation, which is 21 weeks. After that scan, we’ll finally get back to going in once a month. Hooray. I’m looking forward to having a more normal pregnancy with (hopefully) no more complications.

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Released from House Arrest

I am officially off bed rest! I got the OK today from the perinatologist. Everything looked great. He did see something in the amniotic sac, which he said could be a clot or baby debris (such as skin cells or vernix), but that it doesn’t pose a threat to the baby. He said it’s pretty hard to distinguish between a clot and what he calls “baby dust”, but he says it’s not a worry and it’s fine for me to go back to normal activities. So, it’s back to work for me tomorrow, but I’ll probably still take it easy. I won’t be mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters, as Joe suggested today.

Smudgers looked great today. She weighed in at 7 ounces, which the doctor said was right on track for 17 weeks. We got a nice long look at her, and left with 3D pictures and a DVD of part of our ultrasound. It’s so cool to see what her little face looks like already, even though it looks like a little monkey face in one picture!

17 week 3d 3

17 week 3d 1

17 week 3d 4

She’s so cute it’s not fair to other babies! 🙂

Perinatologist Appointment

My doctor called us back this morning. She had an emergency she was dealing with at the hospital last night, which is why she couldn’t call us back. She told Joe that the concern isn’t that the clot will rupture but that it will irritate the cervix and cause it to open. However, if the clot is in the sac like the sonographer said, I don’t know how it’s possible for it to irritate the cervix.

She got us in at a different perinatologist office today, which is great. We really didn’t want to wait two weeks to see the peri, get our questions answered and hopefully get off bed rest. However, I don’t intend to make the three hour roundtrip very often, so I’m hoping he will forward everything to the peri I originally was scheduled with near our house.

I feel kind of down about this. I had problems getting pregnant, and now I’m having problems with the pregnancy, and it makes me feel bad. Neither of my sisters-in-law had complications, and I just feel like the odd woman out. I know it’s not my fault, but I can’t help how I feel.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the best soon-to-be Daddy in the world!

father's day 1

Joe, you are going to be the best dad ever. You already take such good care of me and Smudge. You’ve loved Smudge deeply ever since the day that we got our positive pregnancy test, and you show it every day. I love how you pray for all of us, and especially for Smudge to continue to grow well; how you put your hand on my belly and poke around to make her dance; and how you pull out the doppler and ask if we can listen to her heartbeat.

I can’t wait until you are able to feel her moving and until the day she is born and you hold her for the first time. I can’t wait to see you taking care of her, playing with her and teaching her. You’re going to be an amazing dad.

We love you very, very much.

Cady and Lucy


And, of course, Happy Father’s Day to my awesome dad.

me and dad

My dad’s always been there for me and has always been so supportive. One of my favorite memories is of him reading to me early in the morning at our vacation house in Virginia. Those were always our times, and I hope Lucy will have special memories like that with her dad. My dad is also a fantastic grandpa, and I can’t wait to see him with Lucy. I love you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Bedding Choices

I have a dilemma. I have found another bedding set that I love, and now I’m torn as to which one to get for Lucy’s nursery. I do plan on purchasing a set because, although I do not plan on using the bumper (I’m getting a breathable bumper) and may not use the comforter at first, she will use the comforter as she gets older and the 11 other pieces in the set (diaper stacker, wall hangings, valance, etc) make it completely worth my money.

The first bedding:

nursery bedding

And the new bedding:

lauren garden girl bedding

I love the first because it’s so pink, but the second is much brighter and more colorful. I think I’m leaning toward that one, but I haven’t completely made up my mind. I also need to figure out what color to paint the walls if I choose that one. It’s hard to use pink or green because of the backgrounds of the border and wall hangings unless I choose very pale shades.

So now, tell me, which one do you like the best?