Show Us Your Life — Wedding Party/Flowers

Today’s theme for Show Us Your Life is your wedding party and flowers. We had a pretty large wedding party considering the chapel we got married in was quite small. We really filled up the front of the chapel, which was fine with us. We had so many people we wanted to participate in our special day. My bridesmaids wore royal blue, floor length dresses. I chose the dress because when I tried it on it even looked good on me, so I figured it would look good on anyone. 🙂 Plus, I just thought it was so pretty.

wedding party

me with bridesmaids in bridal room
From front left: Melissa (flower girl), Joe’s cousin; Rachel, Joe’s sister; Shannon, a friend from work; Linda, a friend from Kiwanis; Julisa, my best friend from college; Lisa (matron of honor), my sister; and Amber, my niece.

joe and the bridesmaids

groomsmen 2
From front, l-r: Alan (best man), Joe’s dad; Ryan, my brother; Randy, my brother; Dave, Rachel’s husband; Jon, one of Joe’s best friends; Tim, one of Joe’s best friends.

me with groomsmen

I loved the flowers we had at our wedding. My bouquet was a mix of white roses and blue delphinia. My bridesmaids carried arm bouquets of white roses. I chose the arm bouquets because I thought it would be something different.

me in bridal room

joe and rachel

Unfortunately, I don’t think we got any closeups of my bouquet or the bridesmaids bouquets. Oh well. We also had flowers decorating the chapel. That was something that was really important to me.




And, of course, we had blue and white flowers and petals on our cake.


So, what did your bridesmaid dresses look like, and what kinds of flowers did you use? Make sure you leave a comment if you play along so I can check out your pictures!


I have found it’s very complicated to pick dates for my baby showers. I am having two main baby showers — one in Cartersville and one in Chattanooga. I had originally picked Oct. 25 and Nov. 1 as my dates, but now I’m getting a little nervous having one shower exactly four weeks before my due date, mainly because of the unknowns. For instance, I have a friend who had her shower four weeks before her due date, and her baby came right after her shower. And, of course I’m paranoid about more complications. Being on bed rest will do that to you. 🙂

The other obstacles I’m dealing with are my in-laws’ anniversary and my sil’s due date. My in-laws’ anniversary is the weekend of the Oct. 18, so that weekend is out. And, since my sil is due at the end of September, she can’t be at my shower if it’s early in October. And, since she is hosting it with my mil, she probably needs to be there, huh?

So, now I’m thinking Oct. 11 for my Chattanooga shower and Oct. 25 for my Cartersville shower. But, I’m wondering if one week really makes that much difference. Am I being *too* paranoid about having my shower four weeks before my due date?

Feeding Choices

I’m still undecided as to how I want to feed Lucy. I thought I had my mind made up earlier when I mentioned pumping exclusively. I do like all the antibodies and other benefits babies get from breastmilk. However, when I think about it now, I realize I have not totally made up my mind.

It’s a hard choice. I’ve always thought I’d feed my baby formula. My brothers and I were raised on formula, and we turned out just fine. Plus, I just don’t have the desire to breastfeed that other mothers have, and I don’t think it’s fair to Lucy to nurse her out of obligation. I thought pumping and then feeding her from bottles was a good compromise, but I realize now that I still have a lot of thinking to do.

Another reason I am considering pumping is because the upfront cost of the pump is a lot cheaper in the long run than buying formula. However, one of my friends formula fed her first baby, and she used the Parent’s Choice brand from Walmart, and her son loved it. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than the name brands. I figured out on a baby formula savings calculator that by using Parent’s Choice Milk Based DHA and ARA rather than Similac Advance and I fed exclusively formula for the first 12 months, I would save $683.30 for the year. That breaks down to $56.94 a month or $13.09 a can.

As I make this decision, though, I’m not factoring in cost. That’s not as important to me as it is for me to pick what is most comfortable for me because, as my mom told me, Lucy will be able to sense if I’m not happy nursing her or pumping. I have a big decision to make in a very short time, especially since we’re planning on registering on Friday. I know I don’t have to register for my pump now, but if I’m going to pump I probably need to register for it soon. I can tell I’m going to be doing a lot of thinking this week.


Sunburns and Social Clubs

This blog has become all baby all the time, and I forgot to post about our recent beach vacation. It’s better late than never, huh?

We headed out early in the morning, and after a boring drive through west Georgia and Alabama (because there is absolutely nothing past Atlanta on I-85), we met up with my parents, one of my brothers, and my sister and her family in Montgomery. From there, we had another leg of close to two hours to get to the beach house. By the time we arrived in Elberta, we were ready to get to the house and settle in. It’s too bad Google maps and Mapquest give crappy directions. We circled around the neighborhood, first turning left onto the listed street where there was absolutely no beach in sight, and then turning right where there was a beach but all the houses were rundown and looked like they were going to cave in. Finally, we got a hold of the woman renting the house and found our way to the house that was definitely on the water and looked just like it did in the picture. It was quite a fun adventure, though!

The first night, we relaxed, and Joe taught Randy and my nephews how to play poker. Oriona joined in once she, Ryan and Harrison arrived from Florida. My nephews did quite well, and Randy was surprised to find out just how good I was at poker. I cleaned him out every time he thought I was bluffing. 🙂

beach trip 31

The rest of the trip was spent doing whatever we wanted. All of us kids went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter on Tuesday night and, unfortunately, since we got home around 3 a.m., we were all too tired to get up at 6 a.m. to head out with my parents in Pensacola. I was bummed that we missed it because my parents said the show was really neat. We also spent time at Orange Beach, which was a lot of fun. I was amazed at how shallow the water was both there and at the bay, which is where our house was located. Oh, and there was plenty of canoeing and kayaking on the bay. One morning, Joe, Randy, Ryan and Jim, my brother-in-law, canoed to the other side and back. Harrison got to go out in the canoe several times, too!

beach trip 121

beach trip 101

beach trip 103

beach trip 19

On Wednesday night, all the siblings and our spouses went out. We ate at this really good Mexican place, got ice cream and then went to Florabama to listen to a band. The band was much better than we expected. And, of course, My feet started swelling while we were gone and haven’t let up since. I’m sure the sunburn I got didn’t help. So, I spent all day Thursday at home with my feet propped up since they were too painful to walk on.

beach trip 92

Saturday night was by far the best night. We went to the Elberta Social Club. Joe and I had been dying to go ever since we saw it, and when we found out that Saturday night was Karaoke Night, we got Randy, Ryan and Ori to come with us. It was just as redneck as we expected, and it was a blast. Ori and I had so much fun watching the guys on stage singing. I tried to get up the courage to sing with Joe (because, as Joe said, what do we care about what people in Elberta, Alabama think about us), but I wasn’t able to. Oh well. I still had a blast. Jim was sad that they had to leave Saturday morning because he really wanted to go too!

beach trip 119

beach trip 116

beach trip 115

We’re already planning our next family vacation next year to Wilmington, N.C., which is my sister’s neck of the woods. I haven’t been to Wilmington since my 15-year-old niece was born, so I’m really excited. And what’s even more exciting? Little Lucy will be here!

Baby Toys

I am having so much fun shopping and browsing for things for Lucy. So far, I seem to have been focusing on clothes and books, and now I’ve realized that I need to start looking for toys, either to buy on my own or to add to my baby registry. We have a few things that I’ve bought or been given, but those are mainly stuffed animals. I know I definitely need to get some bath toys. What other baby toys do you suggest? What are some of the toys your kids loved the most?

21 Weeks

I always end up doing my belly shots halfway through the week. I guess it’s because it’s easier to take them on the weekend rather than on a weekday when all I want to do when I get home from work is put on my pj’s and prop up my swollen feet. I think I look smaller in this week’s picture than in the portraits from last week. I think it was the shirt that made me look so big because when I look in the mirror I find it hard to tell that I’m 5 months pregnant. Or maybe that’s just how I see myself. Of course, I’m not holding my hand under my belly when I’m out and about either.

21 week belly shot 5

I’ve really started feeling Lucy move around more regularly this week. I just can’t get over what a neat feeling it is. I already know it is one of the things I will miss the most about being pregnant. I can’t wait for Joe to be able to feel it. I thought I was able to feel it from the outside a few days ago, but Joe wasn’t able to. Maybe I was feeling it because I’m also feeling what’s going on inside.

I can’t wait to see how her movements get stronger as each week goes by!