Pregnancy Weight Gain

I always wondered why some women felt self-conscious during pregnancy. I would never be one of those, I told myself.

Oh, how things change. I think I’m more self-conscious now than I ever have been. Sure, I have a reason for a big belly, but what about my thighs and hips and butt? As I tell Joe often, the baby’s not in those places! I have no idea how much weight I’ve gained since becoming pregnant. I’m assuming it’s not excessive since my doctor hasn’t said anything to me about it. I know how much I’ve gained since I started IVF, though, and while it seems like a lot to me, I don’t think it’s in the excessive stage, especially since our cycle was a success.

Last night I went bathing suit shopping. That was an experience that will probably scar me for life and one that made me realize that after pregnancy I definitely want to get back on the diet supplement I took before! Sure, I loved how my belly looked, but I also criticized every other part of my body. I guess that’s how I’ll always be, though.

I did find a couple cute shirts, too, despite the fact that at Motherhood Maternity I seem to wear a size larger than any other store I shop at. Oh well. How did you all deal with feeling like a cow while pregnant?

First Maternity Portraits

I had an idea for a post in mind, but I forgot what it was. I have a serious case of pregnancy brain, although my memory wasn’t that much better before I got pregnant! Hopefully I’ll remember later.

One of the things I’ve been most excited about with this pregnancy is taking maternity portraits. I am all about documenting the growth of my belly. We’re doing a photoshoot during our beach vacation, during which I will be at the halfway point of the pregnancy, and I’m really excited about that. I think they’ll turn out really good. And, later on, we plan to do another photoshoot when my belly is *really* big.

Two weeks ago, Joe tooks a few pictures on the spur of the moment while I was sitting on the couch. I love them!

17 week portrait 2 bw

17 week portrait 3 bw

Nursery Decor

Now that it’s been almost a month since we found out that Smudge is a little girl, we’ve been really starting to think about what we want to do with the nursery. We haven’t ordered furniture yet, but we’re thinking about going ahead and getting a storage unit when we get back from vacation so we (and by “we” I mean Joe. hehe) can go ahead and clean out the guest room. By that point, I’ll be 21 weeks, and since we have a lot of the things we need, I’m anxious to go ahead and get started. I’d rather get it done early and have extra time to enjoy looking at it then be rushing around later on.

It took me a little while to totally decide what bedding I wanted. Initially, I had my heart set on the pink and brown set I found, but when I found a cute pink and green set, I knew that was it. It’s a lot less of the pink, but it’s still super girly. It arrived earlier this week, and I was *so* excited when I saw the big box in front of my door. The set is actually a little brighter than it looked online, but I love it.

nursery bedding

We found a few decorations at Hobby Lobby. They’re a bit brighter than the bedding, but I think it will give the room a nice accent. Plus, they’re super cute!

nursery wall decor 1

nursery wall decor 2

We’re going to take the hook off the picture frame, and the circular decoration is actually a magnetic board! There are three pink flowers that are magnets. So cute!

I’m having a lot of fun picturing how I want the room to look and where everything will go. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I’m so eager right now that I’m just ready to get started!

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