26 Weeks

I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining, but holy cow I am in a lot of pain! It started earlier this week, and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. I’m usually fine until around 2-3 p.m., and then I start getting horrible pain all around my pelvis/lower back area when I walk. It’s so bad that I moan and usually have to stop — and that’s just walking down the hall! I know there’s going to be stretching and ligament pain, but this is just insane. It is SO painful. Is this normal? Really??

In other weekly news, my bladder seems to be getting a *little* bit of a rest. I’m only getting up once or twice at night now, which is really nice. I still go often during the day, though. I’ve noticed how sometimes when I go over railroad tracks or things like that, it makes me feel like I have no bladder control. Hooray.

I’m really loving being pregnant. I now look pregnant, and I love that. I love that a stranger walked up to me today and said, “It’s a girl, right?” because he said I am carrying high. I love feeling Lucy wiggling around and kicking. I just love everything about being pregnant. That said, I cannot *wait* to meet her and hold her.

Oh, and no call from the doctor’s office this week. I guess it’s safe to say I don’t have gestational diabetes. Yay!

Show Us Your Life — Wedding Showers

I have never hosted a wedding shower, so I will tell you about my shower. We had a pretty full crowd, which was a lot of fun. My mom and my friend, Penny, hosted the party, and we held it at my apartment, which really was nice because I didn’t have to load my gifts up in my car and lug them home!



I never got a picture of the food table. I thought I had. Oh well. Take it from me — the food was yummy! We played several games, including one where I had to pick how Joe answered certain questions. For every one I got wrong, I had to put a piece of gum in my mouth. Penny got bubble yum gum, so I was glad I didn’t miss very many because they are big pieces!

me at bridal shower 5

It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to host a wedding shower myself someday. What were your showers like?

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Double Digits

Today marks double digits for us — 99 days to go until Lucy’s due date! That’s pretty exciting and feels like yet another milestone. I’m so excited — I can’t believe how close it’s getting. I just wish the weeks would go by faster. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being pregnant, because I do, but I just can’t wait to meet our little girl!

I recently discovered Freepeats, a site like Freecycle but for baby and children items. I don’t know how much I’ll find on it, but it doesn’t hurt to browse every so often.

Our first baby shower is next week with our Kiwanis Club. I’m pretty excited. I love a chance to celebrate our baby! 🙂

Nervously Waiting

I am supposed to hear tomorrow if I failed my glucose test. I was feeling pretty optimistic about it until I remembered that the prednisone I’m on for arthritis causes blood sugar levels to be higher than normal. I’m only taking 2 mg a day, but I still don’t know how that will affect the test. And, if I fail, how long do I need to be off it before the 3-hour test so my levels aren’t skewed? Sigh. I just really don’t want to have gestational diabetes.

The rest of my appointment on Friday went pretty well. I was having some pretty bad pain in my lower pelvis, so I had to have a cervix check to make sure everything was OK. It was closed, long and hard, which was great. The doctor also told me that at this point I should feel the baby moving every day and if I don’t I need to be checked to make sure she’s OK. I’m sure I’ll be analyzing everything now. 🙂

I also have now graduated to having an appointment every two weeks. I thought it was a little early for that, but I don’t mind going in more often to hear the baby and make sure she’s OK.

Joe got back last night from a 3-day trip to Dallas for work. As much as I missed him, I think the cats missed him more. After he left, Callie sat in the kitchen crying, and Dizzy spent the entire time sitting in a dark corner in our office. It was so sad. I think they thought that Joe wasn’t coming back. When Joe got home last night, Dizzy spent time running up and down the hallway. I hated having him gone, but it gave me a chance to go up to my parents’ on Friday to spend some time with my family, which was a lot of fun.

Now, it’s back to the grind. The plan is to have the nursery completely cleared out by next weekend so Joe can start painting. I can’t wait to get started decorating!

25 Weeks

Every week now is a milestone to me. At this point, the chance of survival for premature births increases each week. Hooray.

Sleeping is back to being quite crappy. Usually, I’m up once an hour or so to go to the bathroom, which makes for a very bad night’s sleep. I’m always exhausted in the morning. Having my fuzzy alarm clock, Callie, waking me up every morning at 7 a.m. really doesn’t help, but I can’t help but laugh when I open my eyes and look right into hers, as I did this morning. I guess I should count my blessings that that’s the only reason I’m not sleeping well. Yes, it usually takes me a while to fall asleep, but usually once I fall asleep being uncomfortable doesn’t bother me.

I’ve noticed the last couple of days that when I’m walking, like around the grocery store for instance, I get a pain in my side, kind of like a cramp. Joe thinks it could be the ligaments. Any thoughts?

I’m still not feeling Lucy move around as much as I was several weeks ago, but I’m trying not to let it freak me out. I’ll talk to the doctor about it on Friday. Yes, I know she’s still small, but I wouldn’t think movement would decrease since she’s bigger than she was.

Ever since my transfer, I’ve had pain in my hips, especially my right hip, that makes it incredibly painful to move in bed and sometimes walk. This past week, I had a really difficult time walking. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor before, and she said it could be nerve damage from the PIO shots. I wonder if it will go away at some point. I’ve been dealing with it for six months now, and it’s miserable.

I’m still dreading my glucose test on Friday, though the advice I’ve received has helped a little. Let’s hope I pass!