Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go to a baseball game again and sit in regular seats. Not after sitting in the plush *front row* seats at last night’s Atlanta Braves game.

Joe got a set of four corporate tickets for last night’s game, so we invited our friends Jon and Michelle and planned for a fun night in a corporate suite, which is where we have been when we’ve gotten other corporate tickets. Boy, were we wrong.

When I checked our tickets on our way down to the stadium, I noticed it said we had to park in a valet lot and enter through the Suntrust Club entrance. We arrived, waited until 6 p.m. when the stadium opens, and then were ushered down into the basement of the stadium, passing by the signs for the teams locker rooms to enter the Suntrust Club.

We were in awe when we walked in. When we walked down the steps, we first saw a chef standing by a station serving steak. The bar was to our left, and to our right was more gourmet food. Duck, yellow fin tuna, steak, calamari and lobster rolls were among the items served either on the buffet or on the menu. The chef made me a delicious veggie wrap and a veggie plate. We also tried a more gourmet version of nachos (and decided that would make a great Top Chef challenge!) and buffalo fries, which Joe said he would actually kill for. We spent the two hours up until game time eating. Then, when there was a rain delay, we ate some more! Our waiter, who was awesome, brought ice cream treats to each table as we waited.

Dessert was brought out after the game started, and the table was filled with mini apple pies, mini apple crisps, mini chocolate swirl cheesecakes, creme brulee and souflees, among other things. There were supposed to be homemade chocolate chip cookies, too, but we were too late for those. 🙁

braves game 24

Joe said he wouldn’t have been too disappointed if the game had been called because of rain, but we were all glad it wasn’t. Our waiter told us we had awesome seats, but awesome doesn’t even begin to describe them. We were Row A, as in the FIRST ROW. We were behind home plate perpendicular to the third base line. We were literally four people away from being in the camera shot each time a player was at bat.

We certainly weren’t upset about not being on TV, though. And, we did get on TV briefly, which we were able to tell from the TV screen in front of our seats! Yes, just in case we were too lazy to lift up our heads and watch the actual game, we could watch it on a TV screen.

braves game 29

We were closer to home plate than the pitcher, and we could hear all of the umpire’s calls. I told Joe it would have been a great night for Braves manager Bobby Cox to get ejected because we would be able to hear the whole squabble with the umpire. One player, shortstop Yunel Escobar, warmed up right in front of us rather than on the on deck circle. The first time he walked up, he nodded and smiled at us. I said, “Hey!” Yes, I’m retarded. Oh well. He was so close that I could have reached out and touched him (if the net hadn’t been in the way, that is!).

braves game 38

It was definitely one of the best and most fun games we’ve ever been too. We didn’t even mind the fact that the game didn’t end until 12:30 a.m.! I think Lucy had fun, too. I’m pretty sure she was doing the tomahawk chop in my belly!

braves game 17 edit

I will leave you with a trivia question our waiter asked us, since I know I have a few readers who are baseball fans: What are the seven ways a player can get on base? Joe got the seventh one, which the waiter says no one is able to guess. Care to take a shot??

24 Weeks — Viability!

This week marks the point of viability — the point at which doctors will try to save the baby if I go into labor prematurely. However, since the survival rate at 24 weeks is still so low (I read it’s 30 percent), the term viability at this point doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. But, it is reassuring, and it’s another milestone reached. Plus, from this point on, the chance of survival increases each week (I read it’s around 80 percent at week 28).

Things are going well. Joe felt Lucy kick for the first time a couple of nights ago. We were trying to see if we could hear her heartbeat with a stethoscope (a long shot, but we tried anyway!), and she kicked it! Joe was amazed, and I don’t think I’ll forget the smile on his face. He put his hand on my belly, and we tried to coax her into kicking again, but alas, she is a stubborn girl and did not oblige us. Joe has felt her one other time, though. It’s always hard because by the time I feel her and tell him so he can put his hand on my belly, she stops.

I got pretty bummed out last night after I realized that I have gone up a pant size. I think this is normal, but it’s still disheartening. My self-image is definitely the one thing I’m not enjoying. I’m way more self-conscious than I thought I would be. And, as I was feeling down about my weight gain last night, Lucy kicked me. I think she was trying to remind me that what’s really important is her and the fact that she’s healthy. Nothing like a little baby kick to bring me back to earth. I’m trying not to let the weight gain bother me, but it’s hard sometimes. But, I’ll definitely take the weight gain anyday if it means I have my precious little baby growing inside me.

So, is it normal to go up a pant size during pregnancy??

Baby Showers and Birthday Cake

Well, I have a lot to catch up on! I’ve been a pretty bad blogger lately, but with sleeping in so late in the mornings, working and then being so tired when I get home, blogging takes a back seat. I’ll have to try to get better at this.

Last Sunday, Joe and I headed to the other side of Atlanta for his sister’s baby shower. There were people there who I haven’t seen in a long time, and it was a lot of fun. Rachel’s best friend threw the shower, and she did a great job. The food was really good. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too hungry since we had stopped for lunch on the way, but I did taste the brownies and cake! 🙂

rachel baby shower 12

rachel baby shower 13

One of the activities was to paint onesies for the baby. I’ve heard of this at baby showers but have never been to one where we actually did it. Thank goodness there were stencils. Otherwise, the baby would have gotten a not-so-cute onesie from her aunt! Mine is the second from the left.

rachel baby shower 63

We also played a few games, including the “poopy diaper” game, which consisted of checking out melted candies in diapers and trying to identify them. I was one of four of us to get a perfect score. I didn’t know if I should be proud of that or a little embarrassed that I know chocolate so well. I didn’t even have to smell them in order to figure out which candy bars they were!

We also had to guess how many squares of toilet paper would fit around Rachel’s belly. I was a little over, but not as far over as others were! One person was right on, which was awesome.

rachel baby shower 9

And, of course, there were gifts. Rachel got a bunch of neat things, including several of the big items off her registry. After the shower, we got a picture of all the ladies together.

rachel baby shower 65

We also got a picture of the mom-to-be and dad-to-be, and of the siblings.

rachel baby shower 69 edit

rachel baby shower 5

rachel baby shower 15

The weekend before, we celebrated my mom’s birthday. And, it was quite a nice birthday for her because Ryan, Ori and Harry were there after missing their flight the day before. Long story short, they were misdirected in the check-in line at the airport, and by the time they were finally told the correct place to go, they had missed their flight. It was nice to get to spend another day with them, though!

mom bday 6

mom bday 2

mom bday 10

mom bday 9

According to Harry, who needs food when you have a paper plate! And seriously, his curly hair is so freaking cute!

mom bday 4

I know my mom was just so happy to have all three of her kids there for the day.

siblings 2

That night, Ryan and his family headed to Atlanta since their flight was the next morning, so we got to spend a little more time with them by having dinner with them at the Cheesecake Factory. It was a lot of fun, and I’ll definitely be excited to see them again next August.

Show Us Your Life — Wedding Receptions and Honeymoons

When we planned our wedding, we made everything really simple by having the ceremony and reception at the same location, a historic courthouse. Since we had our ceremony inside (darn the hot temperature!), we had the food inside and tables outside for eating and mingling. It really worked out well.

first dance 2

the dip

joe and rachel dancing

electric slide

There was cake. The wedding cake was *supposed* to be an almond cake, but somehow it got messed up and we had just a plain cake with buttercream icing. It was still good, though. Joe’s groom’s cake was a cookie cake because Joe absolutely loves cookie cakes.

wedding cake

cookie cake

And, of course, we did the bouquet and garter tosses. My niece, Amber, and Joe’s cousin, Ryan, caught them respectively.

bouquet toss

garter toss

ryan kissing amber

And, there was the traditional Jewish chair dance. I was *terrified* while I was up there because it felt like my brothers were trying to tip me off my chair!

chair dance

Our guests blew bubbles at us at the end of our reception.

kissing with bubbles

We spent our honeymoon in Boston. There was one specific reason we chose that location.

us in front of green monster 3 edit 2

Yes, we’re baseball-crazed people! We also toured a *lot* of the historical sites and went on a whale watching cruise. It was so much fun. We can’t wait to go back.

me and joe on whale watching boat 1

old north church sign

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

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