29 Weeks

I feel like I should buy stock in toilet paper. Seriously. I go through enough each day to keep the industry afloat myself. Sigh. I’ve increased my water consumption and, while I’m still not getting in the 10-12 glasses a day my OB wants, I’m drinking enough to think I should move my cubicle into the bathroom!

I had an unplanned ultrasound at my OB appointment today. After I told her the sonographer on Sunday said my fluid was on the low side, the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to check. Today, I was at 11, which is up from 10 on Sunday and, even though 5 and lower is considered worrisome, I’m still under 15, which is where I should be at this point in the pregnancy. So, while she’s not overly concerned there’s still some concern there.

I’m trying to get in at least 64 ounces of water a day, but that’s really hard for me. I’m just not a big water drinker. All I can do is try.

Oh, and we found out that my placenta is in front, which explains why I don’t feel much movement. I have noticed movement lower and in the back, which makes sense now. It’ll be interesting trying to do kick counts now.

29 week ultrasound 1

29 week ultrasound 2
Is it just me, or do those huge lips look like a duck’s bill??

29 week ultrasound 3
I believe this is when she was playing with her foot. How cute is that??

29 week ultrasound 6
Joe loves the foot pictures!

Birthday Surprise!

The party went off very well, considering several hurdles I ran into, like having to change the date at the last minute! It ended up working out quite well having it the day of our 3D ultrasound, though, because it was the perfect way to get Joe out of the house. My parents came up with an “excuse” as to why they couldn’t make it to the ultrasound, and it was *so* hard to keep a straight face when I told Joe. I thought I was going to blow it.

While Joe’s parents came with us to the ultrasound, my parents headed to our house to decorate and set everything up. Since the ultrasound didn’t go as planned, I had to kill time between when we left there and when we were supposed to arrive home. So what did we do? We went to the mall, and I ended up getting my shower dress, and an outfit for work.

When we got home, I asked Joe to get the mail since we hadn’t picked it up the day before, and I rushed into the house to join everyone else, who was gathered in the kitchen. When he walked in, we all shouted, “Surprise!”

birthday party 9

I planned a baseball themed party with stadium foods like hot dogs, nachos and peanuts, along with some non-stadium foods, and a local cake artist made the fabulous birthday cake. Everyone was really impressed with it.

birthday party 3

birthday party 2

We also had a pinata because, really, what’s a birthday party without a pinata?? It was pretty tough to break open, and Joe ended up knocking it off it’s cord. So, he beat it senseless on the ground!

birthday party 42

birthday party 35

birthday party 30

And, of course, there were presents. Joe got some neat things, including a “Baby’s First Pitch” kit, which came with an ink pad and a baseball with display case. It was really neat, and Joe is *so* excited about doing it with Lucy.

birthday party 17

The party was a blast, and Joe loved it. I just hate that I had to throw it so far before his birthday, but that’s what happens when our niece is due just a few days before his birthday! There will be celebrating closer to the big day, though. I’m taking him to a Braves game on Sept. 30, and I got him a ticket to go on the field for batting practice. He’s psyched about that, and I can’t wait to see him out there with the players!

Book Signing

When I woke up this morning, I browsed the web on my iPhone, as I do every morning, making sure to check out the local newspaper’s Web site. What caught my eye was a brief on a book signing today by one of my favorite authors, Beverly Lewis. Lewis writes novels about the Amish population, and I have become addicted. Not only have I become addicted to her books, but I’ve gotten my mom addicted too, to the point where she picks out facts from the books and randomly spouts them off to my dad and brother, which they find hilarious. One example is her telling us that the Amish plant a lot of celery before wedding ceremonies (which I can’t ever remember reading myself!).

Needless to say, I was super excited, and I sent my mom a vague text telling her to call me, and then I called my dad because I knew he’d have fun teasing us about it. He suggested I buy a copy of her new book, which is why she’s on a book signing tour, for my mom, get it signed “to my fellow expert” and give it to her this weekend when we go to my parents’. Then, around noon, he called back and said he was sending her down. Apparently, she had gotten home from work, changed into her sweats and then my dad told her to get changed and head to Cartersville because “Cady has something she wants to do with you.”

My mom kept asking him why she was driving an hour and a half to our town, why he didn’t want to go with her (she thought maybe we were having an ultrasound) and got no answers. I found it hilarious that she was driving down here with no known destination and frustrated with basically being shoved out the door!

When she arrived, though, and saw the sign in front of the local Christian bookstore, my dad said she screamed and was super excited. That was awesome. 🙂 There was virtually no line at that point, so we got our books and took them to be signed. Lewis was really nice, and spent time asking me about the pregnancy and having children in December, which is when her daughter was born. I even got one of her children’s books signed for Lucy. I know she won’t read it until she’s at least in elementary school, but I still think it’s something neat for her to have.

It was a fast but fun hour. After my mom got home, we discovered there was a book signing tonight in Chattanooga! It would have saved my mom a lot of time, but it was fun getting to see her during the week.

After she left, she called me because she had forgotten to ask one important question: Why do they grow so much celery before weddings?? Haha. 🙂

Disappointed Again

After about five phone calls to the ultrasound place, we finally got everything worked out and were told that they would do our ultrasound for us since they messed up *and* would give us a good discount. Awesome! So, today, we headed out to meet Joe’s parents for the big event. We got there, I hopped up on the table and everyone else took their seats and . . .

Lucy was very content *not* to cooperate. She had her head nestled against my uterine wall, and she wasn’t budging no matter how much poking and prodding the tech did or how much walking and jumping I did. She wasn’t having any of it. The tech joked that you can tell she’s a girl from her stubbornness. I have a feeling we’re in for quite a ride with this one!

We were able to see her facial features, but not all of them were perfectly visible on any one shot. The tech said she has beautiful eyes and perfect lips, to which Joe replied, “Duh!”

We also saw her heart beating, something I could never get tired of, and we saw her chest moving up and down as she practiced breathing. That was pretty darn cool. We also saw her swallow, yawn, rub her eyes (something she’s done a lot on ultrasounds) and give us a peace sign. The tech said she was sitting indian-style (so maybe she won’t have arthritis like her mommy!), but she was able to confirm that Lucy is definitely a girl!

Since we didn’t get any really good shots, the tech told us our best bet is to go back for a redo next Sunday. She did say my fluid was on the low side at 10. The normal range, she says, is 7-24. She thinks that if I drown myself in water this week there will be enough extra fluid between Lucy and the uterine wall. And, she said that in the three years she’s been there, she’s only had one client to not get good shots at a redo.

I am glad that we found out my fluid is low, though. It’s nothing I’m worried about, but it’s something to let my doctor know about on Thursday. And, maybe she’ll want to do an ultrasound herself to double check. 🙂 Oh, and we found out that Lucy is no longer breech. Hooray! I guess now it’s time to sign up for a child birth class.


Joe and I were planning to have our 3D ultrasound at Baby Vision in Atlanta on Sunday. Our parents were coming with us. We’ve been excited for the last two months.

Today, I called to confirm and was told that my appointment was never made and “we’ll be at a baby expo all day Sunday anyway.”

My appointment was never made despite me telling them the time, giving my credit card number to hold my spot and having them say, “Ok, we’ve got you down.”

And, when I called a month ago to double check the time, I was told that the computers were down and they’d call me back. They never did. I left two messages this week to confirm and never received a call back even though they have obviously been at the office because I got a hold of someone today.

Not only are we really upset, since we don’t have any other free weekends now to do this and it’s hard to go during the week since I work a lot of nights, but it’s just bad business practice. And now, something we’ve wanted to do before even getting pregnant has been taken away from us.

27 Weeks

Sure, I may be hitting the 28-week mark tomorrow, but it’s never too late for an update, huh?

I reached 27 weeks last Wednesday and woke up to Braxton Hicks contractions. Of course, I had no idea what was going on at first except for the fact that I was having horrible menstrual-type cramps that lasted for about a minute or so and then subsided. It went on for a couple of hours, and I thought they were BH, but I wasn’t 100 percent sure. Later in the day, the nurse at my OB’s office confirmed that I had been correct. It was kind of neat to experience and to realize I’m at that point in this pregnancy, but at the same time they sure weren’t a lot of fun!

At my appointment last Friday, my doctor said that the horrendous pain I have 24/7 is severe round ligament pain, which she said some women get to experience. Lucky me! She was going to prescribe a muscle relaxer to see if that would help alleviate the pain a little, but unfortunately they all counter-react with penicillin and, since I have had an allergy to a drug in the penicillin family in the past, they won’t give me anything that could cause another allergic reaction.

Sigh. So I guess I just deal with it. Twelve weeks just seems like an awfully long time to not be able to walk or lay or do anything really without feeling like I’m going to die. It’ll be worth it, though. I just wish this pregnancy was a little easier!