It took me a two-hour turned four-hour round trip and a huge hassle with the after hours operator at my OB’s office, but I finally got my H1N1 vaccination today. I think Georgia is the only state that has yet to receive the vaccine in injection form, and I found out about this small shipment by a fluke. I emailed my MIL to ask her to keep an ear out for when the injections arrive in her county, and she told me she had heard on the news this morning that a small shipment had arrived in a county south of Atlanta.

I debated the venture during my rheumatologist appointment. I really wanted to get the vaccine so I could feel more secure about being in public (since with the arthritis and pregnancy affecting my immune system I basically don’t have one now), but it would take me between an hour and an hour and a half to get there. Plus, I didn’t have a guarantee that there would be any doses left when I arrived. But, after Joe told me that one of his good friends at work, who we went out with recently, is out with H1N1, and knowing that he definitely had been exposed and I may have been directly exposed, I decided to take my chances.

About 20 minutes down I-75, traffic came to a stop. And it was stop and go the rest of the way. I have no idea why. There were no wrecks. There was no construction. Traffic going northbound was stop and go as well. When I got off the interstate, the road I had to take was shut down in both directions because of a crash. Needless to say, as the clock ticked past 1 p.m. (and I was told to try to be first in line when the health department reopened at 1), I was getting more and more worried that I had made the trip for nothing since I didn’t know how many doses were left.

I arrived and rushed in, and I was taken back with the third group of 10. What really bothered me was that there were only four of us out of more than 50 who were pregnant. Now, granted, I don’t know the health histories of everyone else, but they sure didn’t look like they were in the high risk category to me. And, the woman we spoke with at the health department said they were giving the shot to anyone, not just those in the high risk category. I guess the CDC’s categorizing of people doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

I thought I was in the clear once I got back to the second waiting room, but as I was called back to get my shot, the woman who took my paperwork at the door said, “Oh, wait, you’re pregnant. You need a note faxed by your doctor.” Why couldn’t she have told me this before I sat around and waited? And why weren’t we told this during one of our, what, 20 phone calls to them this morning checking on the supply?

So, I called the office only to remember it closes at noon on Fridays. An employee told me to go ahead and just let it roll to the after hours operator. When I did, I was told that this wasn’t something they were going to page the doctor for. Now, I realize it wasn’t a real emergency, but it was only an hour after the office had closed. It’s not like I was calling at 10 p.m. for this. The operator told me to have a nurse call back and they would page the doctor for her. So, I did. And they told her they wouldn’t page the doctor.

Sigh. Eventually, the operator said she would call to the back of the office, and if anyone was there they could fax my note. Otherwise I was out of luck. The nurse told me she would save my vaccine, but I really didn’t want to make the drive again on Monday.

Luckily, one of the doctors I’ve seen a few times was there and faxed it over, though it took another 30 minutes or so of waiting to get it since it apparently went to a fax machine that wasn’t being watched and it took the woman who I had encountered at the door seeing me and saying, “Oh, you don’t have your fax yet?” to get it.

So, in two minutes I was out and headed back home. And, after another two hours of stop and go traffic (mainly stop) northbound on the interstate I arrived back in town . . . just in time to be stopped at road blocks for the homecoming parade.

But it worked out. I got my vaccine, and now Lucy and myself are protected. And, at least I now have a fun story to share. Now, if I can only find the seasonal flu vaccine somewhere. . .


Last night was a miserable one for us. I was doing some things around the house when I started getting some really severe pains. They would come and go, and by the time we had finished dinner they were absolutely awful. Joe called our OB’s office, and the midwife said she thought it sounded like another UTI since I was also going to the bathroom so frequently, but that she wanted us to go to the hospital to get checked out in case I was going into labor.

So, off to the hospital we went. We had to stop several times on the way so I could use the bathroom. It was ridiculous how I had to use it within minutes of going. When we arrived, we went to the ER to get registered, and we had to wait for about 20 minutes. At that point, I was starting to cramp really bad. About 30-40 minutes after we arrived, we were finally taken up to L&D. I told Joe we will *not* be waiting that long when I actually do go into labor.

When we got to our room, I was hooked up to the fetal and contraction monitors, and little Lucy was squirming away. We could hear all of her movements and kicks, which was neat, especially when there were some that I couldn’t feel. Her heart rate was excellent, and the nurse said she is the perfect baby. Duh!

My test showed I didn’t have a UTI, and I wasn’t dilated or effaced, but since I was still cramping pretty bad, they kept me for several hours before my doctor let me go home. I was bummed that I hadn’t started to make any progress toward labor. I know even if I was dilated or effaced now it wouldn’t really mean anything, but I really hope that since my cervix is still closed up like Fort Knox it doesn’t mean Lucy will be late.

After we got home, I was still going to the bathroom literally every two minutes and actually had a pretty full bladder each time. I understand the baby will be putting more pressure on my bladder at this point, but having to get up and go to the bathroom right after getting back in bed is a bit much, in my opinion. I think my doctor agrees. I called this morning after hardly getting any sleep last night, and she gave me a prescription for a med to treat UTIs. She said that even if my test at the hospital was negative the culture likely could be positive. I just hope it allows me to sleep a little bit better.

Last night really made me realize how anxious I am for Lucy to arrive. I was pretty bummed that it was nothing major, and hearing a newborn baby cry as I laid on the bed in my room made me think forward to our delivery in about four weeks. I can’t wait.


Today is the 35/35 mark in my pregnancy — 35 weeks down and 35 days to go. It’s so funny how I’ve seen these posts on other blogs and thought that point would never arrive for me. And here it is. We are so close, yet it seems like we’re so far. Whenever December seems so far in the future I have to remember that it’s almost November. October flew by, and I’m sure November will do the same, especially with baby shower the first two weekends. By the time those are over, we’ll only have a couple of weeks left before Lucy joins our family.

I feel bittersweet about our family expanding. Obviously, I am *so* excited about Lucy and being her mommy, but I kind of get a little sad and nostalgic thinking about how it won’t be just the two of us anymore. It’s been just us for the last three years. And while we say that we’ll make sure to have date nights to spend time together as a couple, I know it won’t be the same. Our lives are going to change, but it’s for the better. I’m now imagining us watching Braves games together with our little girl sitting on the couch with us in her Bumbo seat. I can’t wait to share the things we love with her and (hopefully) watch her develop the same love for them.

Did any of you feel a little sad when realizing it would never be just you and your husband again?

Chattanooga Baby Shower

We got together with friends and family in Chattanooga last Sunday to celebrate little Lucy. My mom and brother hosted the shower (though what Randy did as a co-host I will never know!), and it was a great party. When I woke up Sunday morning, my mom was already hanging decorations in the living room and former dining room. She must have known I like a lot of decorations!

chatt baby shower 12

chatt baby shower 3

chatt baby shower 5

My grandma wanted to help, so she put the favors together: little boxes that said “Itty bitty hugs and kisses” with “It’s a girl!” Hershey’s Kisses inside and an “It’s a girl! lollipop taped to the top. They were so cute!

chatt baby shower 6

There was a dog that everyone signed. The funny thing is that Joe and my dad both signed it “Dad”. Haha. When Lucy’s born, I’ll write her name and birth statistics on it.

chatt baby shower 7

And, my mom got a large bottle like she did for Oriona’s shower that came with rattles. We put the advice everyone wrote for us in it, and we plan to read them every year on her birthday.

chatt baby shower 9

chatt baby shower 8

My mom had all my favorite munchies (well, except for the cheese, of course!), and the cake she got was the cutest cake I’ve ever seen. I loved it! My parents said the girl who made it was really proud of it, and she definitely should be. Joe took the picture before all the food was out, hence some of the empty bowls.

chatt baby shower 10

chatt baby shower 1

We got a lot of great gifts, like our Pack n Play, umbrella stroller, travel system and a bunch of other neat gifts. We also got two handmade blankets, which was awesome.

chatt baby shower 25

chatt baby shower 33

chatt baby shower 32

We also got a cute card with a gift from Ryan, Ori and Harry in Taiwan.

chatt baby shower 29

My grandparents from California were in town, which was such a coincidence, so it was neat being able to have two sets of Lucy’s great-grandparents at the shower. After everyone left, we took some family pictures.

chatt baby shower 45

It was such a fun day. I can’t believe I still have two more showers to go! By the time they’re all over, we’ll only have a couple of weeks until Lucy is due to make her appearance!


My rheumatologist is refusing to refill my prednisone prescription. Why? Because I haven’t seen her since last November.

Sure, earlier this year I had other things on my mind like, oh, I don’t know, fertility treatments and getting pregnant. Then, I got put on bed rest. By the time our issues were resolved and I called to reschedule my appointment, my doctor was on maternity leave until October. It was about 5-6 months of maternity leave. I scheduled my appointment for mid-October, and when I showed up at her office I was told she was out for the day and they had rescheduled my appointment, something I hadn’t been aware of.

So, I had to reschedule it for this coming Friday. Unfortunately, I ran out of my prescription last Friday. And now, I can’t get it refilled. I know a week isn’t a long time, but when you have moderate rheumatoid arthritis and the only thing you can take is 2 mg a day of prednisone, without it you’re in quite a bit of pain.

Oh, and did I mention that it took three phone calls to my doctor’s nurse to get a call back (including giving a message to the receptionist)? And that she called me Candisa Coleman? Seriously? Check your patient’s chart before you call her.

Maybe I should look for a new doctor.

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