One Month

one month 10

Dear Lucy,
I can’t believe you’re a month old. It seems like just yesterday we were meeting you and holding you for the first time. This month has been an interesting one for us as we get to know you and learn your various mannerisms. You always keep us laughing with your numerous expressions. My favorite is when you grip both sides of your face while you’re eating as if you’re thinking, oh my gosh, this formula is SO GOOD!

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You’ve had a busy first month. You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and first Hanukkah, and went to pick out your first Christmas tree, and you slept through all of it! Your first Christmas is coming up, and I’m sure you’ll sleep through that too. That’s OK. We still are so excited to be sharing everything with you. One thing you didn’t sleep through was your first trip to see Santa. Everyone has been amazed by how alert you were. I think you had fun! 🙂

hanukkah 67

christmas tree shopping 7

I’ve really seen changes in you in the last month. You’re much more alert now, though you do get in several good naps during the day, and when you look at us I think you might be starting to recognize who we are. You have started trying to lift your head, especially when we’re holding you, and you love your hands! You constantly have your hands on your face or in your mouth. I’ve even caught you sucking your thumb!

You really are a good baby. Sure, you have your fussy moments, but they’re few and far between when compared to other babies we know. They mainly happen when you need your diaper changed, you’re hungry or you’re tired of the HUNDREDS of pictures we’ve taken of you or I try to put blocks on you. 🙂

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You’re a great sleeper, and you only get up once a night, which thrills us. In fact, your daddy and I have said we may not have another child because there’s no way we’ll have another one that’s as great as you are. And, do you know what your favorite thing is? Napping with Daddy. It’s the cutest thing in the world. You definitely are a daddy’s girl!

sleeping with dad 3

We love you, Smudgers, and we can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for you!


Visit with Santa

We took Lucy to see Santa today. She was the youngest one in line, and everyone just “oohed” and “ahhed” over small she was! Santa even said, “She’s dressed like me!”

santa visit

I was a little concerned about how she would act since she got a little fussy while we were in line, but she was perfect when it was her turn. She kind of looked toward the camera, and they took a really cute shot of Santa looking at her, but since we only bought one pose we picked the one in which she was looking toward the camera the most. When I gave her to Santa and saw him holding her, I got teary because it was just so much fun to be able to visit Santa with my own child.

Design your own Quilt

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Quiltcreator. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love quilts. I’ve always thought that a pretty quilt would look nice on a guest bed. There are only so many options you can find pre-made, though, so when I found, I thought it would be neat to design my own quilt and see what I could come up with. There are four options for infant quilts, and a few more for regular quilts. I chose The Vineyard Quilt, which I thought was pretty, and the Vintage Reds fabric. I’ve always wanted to do a room in red, and I *love* the patterns available. This is the one I designed:

I think it’s good for a first try! Here’s a sample of one I really like in red from Quilt Creator’s Facebook page:

The prices aren’t too bad at $129 for infant quilts, from $179-$279 for regular quilts and from $199-$279 for bedspreads. I don’t think a quilt is something I would use in my bedroom, but it’s definitely something I want for our next guest room, which we’ll have when we buy our next house. Creating my own quilt online was a lot of fun, and seeing the reds in it and in other quilts that already have been made really makes me realize how much I want to do red in that room.

How about you guys? Do you use quilts in your house or do you want to? Are you going to create your own quilt? If you do, make sure you share pictures!

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What They DON’T Tell You About L&D

When you’re pregnant, people constantly warn you about pregnancy, and the labor and delivery process. They tell you about the sciatic nerve pain, the pressure on the bladder, the constant bathroom trips during pregnancy and warn you about the pain and length of labor.

What they DON’T tell you about is the postpartum period. Recovering from labor and delivery wasn’t easy for me. In fact, I’m still recovering. Having the epidural meant I lost feeling in the lower half of my body and, though the feeling was mostly back by the time I had delivered Lucy and been cleaned up, the nurses still wouldn’t let me out of bed on my own. That coupled with the fact that I got really dizzy when I stood up concerned them, so every trip I made to the bathroom that first day was in the company of at least one nurse. They wouldn’t leave me in there by myself, so they would sit on the edge of the bathtub and watch me as I tried to go to the bathroom. I’m a very private person, so that was really difficult for me. I was REALLY happy to get my solo bathroom privileges back.

I ended up with a 2nd degree tear and had no idea how bad it actually was because the epidural made my delivery pain-free. I couldn’t really sit for a week or so after the delivery. The two days I spent in the hospital were miserable. I had to make sure to lay on my side to alleviate some of the discomfort. I used a lot of ice diapers, which REALLY helped. Even after going home, though, it hurt to sit, which is one reason we stayed home for Thanksgiving.

I have also been really, really tired since giving birth. That’s the part I’m having the hardest time recovering from. My mom said a lot of it is from the fact that my body went through a lot to give birth, but I think my iron deficiency has something to do with it too. They said I lost a lot of blood during the delivery, so I’m on iron supplements at least until my 6-week postpartum appointment. Plus, the arthritis makes me tired. So, all three combined pretty much has turned me into a zombie.

Other things I didn’t know:

  • You will need a squirt bottle to clean your stitches. Fun.
  • The bleeding, oh the bleeding. I knew there would be some, but I didn’t think I would still be bleeding three weeks after delivery. I’m hoping it stops soon because I’m really getting tired of it. 🙂

    So, there it is: information for all of you out there who are pregnant. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

  • Holidays in Branson

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Joe is likely traveling to Branson, Missouri, for a work convention next year, and I’m thinking about tagging along with Lucy. I’ve always wanted to go there since there are a variety of touristy things to do from shows to theme parks.

    Even if we do go with Joe next year, I want to try to go sometime during the holidays. The Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and The Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel have several holiday packages to appeal to everyone. For example, visitors to both hotels can enjoy the “Santa Claus is Coming” package, which includes a portrait with Santa; the “It’s a Wonderful Life” package, which includes a spa treatment; and the “New Year’s with Style” package. While the “It’s a Wonderful Life” package is something I would love (because what woman wouldn’t enjoy a vacation that includes spa treatments??), the “Santa Claus is Coming” package would be more for us because I know Lucy would love to see Santa, who delivers presents, milk and cookies to guest rooms. The packages range from $189-$329 a night.

    It’ll definitely be a few years before we take a holiday trip because I’d like Lucy to be a few years older, but it’s something I’d love to do in the future. It would be so much fun for the whole family!

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    Wow, I didn’t think I would become one of “those” bloggers who rarely updates once they become a mommy, but that’s exactly what’s happened. When Lucy is sleeping, I’m either trying to catch a quick nap as well or get things done around the house. Hopefully I’ll be around more than once a week from now on.

    Here’s what’s going on in our world:

  • Lucy is still a great sleeper. She usually wakes up only once a night, twice on bad nights. Her gas seems to be going away, which makes sleeping much better for all of us.
  • I am still recovering from the labor and delivery, and I am blessed that even though Joe has gone back to work, he still gets up with Lucy at night. I am so lucky to have him as a husband.
  • I am no longer breastfeeding. I wasn’t producing much to begin with and was getting only 4 oz. *a day* on a good day. I know babies get more when they nurse, but last week I pumped absolutely nothing. To me, trying to continue breastfeeding and pumping wasn’t worth the hassle. Even though I stopped nursing and pumping cold turkey, I didn’t go through the pain and engorgement most women say occurs. That also makes me think that I really wasn’t producing anything. I’m so happy with the way things have gone. I wasn’t passionate enough about breastfeeding to begin with. I was only doing it so Lucy could get the nutrients and antibodies and to hopefully help me lose weight faster. I feel so much less stressed now that Lucy’s on formula. I know it was the right decision for us.
  • Lucy has a *horrible* diaper rash. It’s started to crack and bleed, and now I know why she screams so much when we change her. I feel *so* awful for her because I know she’s in pain. We’re coating her with Desitin, and I hope the rash goes away soon!
  • We went out without Lucy for the first time Wednesday night. Joe’s mom came up to babysit, and even though Grandma was here, it was still *so* hard for me. I cried all the way to the restaurant! I was definitely ready to get home by the time the party was over.
  • Staying home with Lucy is harder than I thought it would be. It’s very demanding, and I feel bad because I don’t seem to have time to get anything done around the house. By the time Joe gets home, I’m exhausted and ready to hand Lucy off to him for a bit. However, I would not trade this time for anything, and I am relishing every bit of my maternity leave. I am planning on going back to work around the beginning of February, and I am already dreading it. I feel like time is moving way too fast!
  • That’s about all that’s up with us right now. My next topic? Recovering from labor and delivery: why doesn’t anyone warn you about that??