Lucy Hates Everyone

There’s a song by Get Set Go called “I Hate Everyone”. That’s pretty much how Lucy feels today. She hates us. She hates her doctor. She hates his nurse. She had five shots today. I kind of don’t blame her for hating everyone. 🙂

Lucy was a trooper during her 8-week checkup today. She had her hips rotated, which caused her to cry. I told her that was nothing compared to what was coming. After her checkup, the doctor picked her up under her arms and looked her in the eyes, and she immediately stopped crying. He must intimidate her like he does me. 🙂

Then, the nurse came in to give Lucy her vaccinations. We went ahead and did all five today. The doctor said the effects would be the same if we did them all at once or split them and did three one day and two on a different day, and that most of his patients make the same choice we did. I’m glad we got them all done at once.

Despite the tears, her checkup went well. She weighs 8 lbs., 13 oz., a gain of 5 oz. from last Thursday; and is 21.5 inches long. The doctor said she’s on the small side but is growing well. I think we’re going to have a petite girl, which is interesting because I am anything but petite.

The next checkup is at 4 months. Hopefully Daddy will come again because it’s easier to watch her get her shots when he’s there.

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I Heart Faces

There is definitely one super cute face that I heart! I decided to enter a shot of Miss Lucy’s face in this week’s I Heart Faces contest since the theme is Best Face Photo. It had to be taken either in December ’09 or January ’10, which obviously isn’t a problems since we take pictures of Lucy all.the.time. We took this one a few days ago while she was napping. She always does cute things with her hands when she sleeps that crack us up when we go in to check on her. I never get tired of looking at this cute little face — even when she’s being a fussapotomaus!

lucy 6

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I am so ready for the cold temperatures to be behind us. I am *not* good with cold weather, and it’s just miserable with temperatures are in the teens. I’m so glad the temps are supposed to be in the 50s for most of next week!


I’m trying to get more into couponing, especially now that I have diapers and formula to buy. I’ve found it difficult to find coupons for the food I buy for meals since I’m a pretty picky eater, but I definitely have been finding and receiving coupons for baby and other grocery items. However, I don’t have anything to organize them in. My sister uses a 4×6 photo album with tabs for each category, and her system works great, but I think it’s rather bulky. I’m looking for a small binder that can fit in my diaper bag or purse with pocket pages to slide the coupons in for easy reference and customizable tabs. I wonder if I’m asking for too much! Any ideas? For those of you who coupon, what do you use as an organizer?