Postpartum Checkup

My postpartum checkup on New Year’s Eve wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Physically, everything was fine. I had healed and was released to exercise. However, I hadn’t lost as much weight as I had hoped — 7 pounds, or about a third of the pregnancy weight — to be exact. I know I lost more right after giving birth when I was still nursing, and I could tell some of it had come back after we switched to formula, but I was still a little disappointed. But, as Joe said, I have to look at it in terms of being one-third of the pregnancy weight gain. I still have a *long* way to go.

I also found out my iron is still rather low. They look for a 12 and I was at 9.8. I wish I had asked what my level was at the hospital when I was first put on iron supplements so I can see how much it increased, if at all. Nonetheless, I am staying on the supplements for the next four months. I really hope my iron is back to normal by then. Not only am I tired of taking an extra pill every day, but I’m getting really tired of the fatigue associated with low iron.

One happy point, though, was taking Lucy’s picture with the OB who delivered her. It was something I forgot to do after giving birth (can’t imagine why that slipped my mind!), and it was a picture I wanted so I can show her one day. I find it kind of funny that the OB who delivered her was the one I saw at my first OB appointment, and who I only saw once after that during my pregnancy. I really like him, though. He’s always super happy and cheerful.

lucy and dr. lense

Goals for 2010

Now that it’s a few days into the new year, I’ve had time to think about what I want to accomplish this year. I don’t like using the word “resolution” because I’ve never kept all of my resolutions. So, this year, I’m creating a list of goals for the year that I hope are realistic enough to attain.

1. Buckle down on finances. I have a time table as to when our credit cards and car loan will be paid off, some of which are this year (hooray!), and while I have that under control, I want to do more on the saving front, such as putting money aside in an emergency account and building our savings up even more.

2. Lose at least 40 pounds. That’s the weight I gained from the IVF and pregnancy, and I really would like to have that gone by the end of the year. That sounds like a long time to lose 40 pounds, but I have a wacky metabolism, and that plus the medicines I’m on work against my weight loss efforts.

3. Work out 4-5 days a week. This will be a hard one for me. I hate exercising. HATE IT. I’m hoping the aerobics shows I DVR and the EA Active we just got for the Wii will help make it a little easier.

4. Paint my house. We’ve been talking about painting the rooms in our house since we moved in, and now that we’ve done the nursery, I’ve really gotten the decorating bug. I really want to tackle this project this year and get all our rooms painted. Then we can move on to redecorating. 🙂

5. Clean on a schedule. I hate cleaning as much as I hate exercising. Haha. This year, I want to really deep clean my house/thoroughly clean out closets, etc, and then do a better job at maintaining it.

6. Be more organized. Part of getting my house in tip-top shape is doing a better job at organizing. I think it’s time to invest in more containers to assist. I’m a packrat, and it’s time to get rid of the clutter.

What are your resolutions or goals for the year?

Welcome, 2010

We had a very laidback evening as we rang in the new year. We headed up to Joe’s parents’ cabin in Blue Ridge for the weekend. Joe and Lucy did a lot of this:

new year's eve 2009

lucy 48

That was definitely something I wanted to be doing. There’s something about being in the mountains that just put us to sleep. Add that to the fatigue I’m feeling from being anemic, and you have a recipe for disaster! Needless to say, instead of saying, “Only an hour until the new year!” I was saying things like, “Only an hour until I can go to bed!” Haha.

Lucy enjoyed chilling in front of the fireplace.

lucy 49

We woke up Lucy before midnight to get her ready for bed and to take a family pic, the last one for the year.

new year's eve 2009

new year's eve 2009

Just before midnight, we all headed downstairs to watch the ball drop in Times Square and toast with champagne.

new year's eve 2009

new year's 2010

This is how Lucy rang in the new year — snoozing away in the bouncer.

new year's 2010

On New Year’s Day, Joe and I took Lucy into downtown Blue Ridge. The whole point of our trip was to hit up the fudge shop, but it was closed. So, I dragged them into a new (to me, that is!) store that sells jewelry, handbags, clothes and hats, and walked out with a couple of new necklaces. Hooray!

new year's 2010

new year's 2010

Joe’s mom bought Lucy a New Year’s outfit and, of course, what’s a trip to the cabin without a pair of overalls so she can look like Grandpa? The overalls are definitely going to be her cabin attire.

new year's 2010

new year's 2010

And so, a new year is upon us. It’s a clean slate, and I have a lot of things I want to do differently than last year. Here’s hoping I can be successful with all the changes I want to make.

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