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Family Valentine’s

We had such a great Valentine’s Day with our little family. We decided this year we wanted to celebrate with Lucy since she’s our little Valentine. We were going to go out to dinner Friday after work but because of the snow storm that hit our area, the roads were bad so restaurants were closing and we wanted to get home before the temperature dropped even lower making the roads even icier.

On Saturday night, we headed out to Antonino’s, a local Italian restaurant. The food was OK but wasn’t great. I definitely wish we had gone to our old favorite, Armando’s! When we were shown to our table, everyone in our section looked at us and you could tell they were apprehensive of us bringing a baby. However, Lucy was perfectly quiet the entire time. I was so proud of her! One funny note about this restaurant — it takes reservations and looks like a very nice restaurant, yet the tables are covered with plastic table cloths and the napkins are paper! I find that amusing.



Joe had to work all day on Valentine’s Day as manager on duty at the museum. Lucy and I visited him for lunch, and when he got home we exchanged small Valentine’s as his present from me has yet to be delivered. He got me yummy Hershey’s Pot of Gold mixed chocolates and a cute teddy bear, and I got him TWILIGHT candy hearts. I’m the best.wife.evar. Joe is now on Team Jasper. 🙂


Today, Joe gave me my actual present which he didn’t have yesterday since I decided at the last minute that I didn’t want what I had originally asked for. He got me a charm with Lucy’s birthstone. I *love* it. It’s something I’ve wanted, and he wanted to get it for me when Lucy was born but it wasn’t really possible since we didn’t know if she would come in November or December.


We also got Lucy her first Valentine’s card from us. She really didn’t care, but it’ll be good to put in her scrapbook.


We had a great Valentine’s this year, but next year we’ll probably be getting a babysitter. How about you? What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

Snowstorm 2010

When the meteorologists say we are expected to get snow here in metro Atlanta, I never believe them. Snow doesn’t usually happen here, and if we do get snow, it melts as soon as it hits the ground. Last week, though, the meteorologists were right. The snow started falling early Friday afternoon and didn’t let up until late that night. It was nice looking out the window at work and seeing everything covered in white.




When we got home, we took Lucy out for a few minutes. She was OK with everything until I put her feet in the snow. Then, she wasn’t too thrilled. She’s the cutest little snow bear ever, though!


The next day, the snow was still around in the morning, so we went back out. Lucy didn’t last too long (I think it might have been a little cold for her), so we built a small snowman before heading back in.




By the afternoon, most of the snow had melted, but our snowman was standing strong.


We got a couple of inches total. We were supposed to get more yesterday but didn’t. I found it humorous that the meteorologist on one of the Atlanta TV stations said it was currently snowing in Cartersville, yet there was nothing falling. So ends the great snowstorm of 2010.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

vday baby

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Mini Vacay

Lucy and I took a mini vacation this week by accompanying Joe to Chattanooga for a convention he attended. While he was working, we spent time with my family, which was really nice. We stayed at the Marriott at the Chattanooga Trade and Convention Center, which was a really nice hotel. The beds were *so* comfortable, and Lucy particularly loved them.



Lucy also enjoyed watching cartoons.


And in the morning, she made sure to check out the day’s news.


I was hoping to do more with Lucy, like taking her to Coolidge Park, but it was just too cold. We’ll get down there once it warms up.

On Tuesday night, my brother, Randy, came down to babysit while Joe and I went out to The Terminal Brewhouse for dinner. It was a great restaurant, and it was fun spending more time with my brother. He had a great time with Lucy, too.

It wasn’t a real vacation since Joe was working, but it was a nice little break. I hate having to go back to work now! At least there are only two days left in the week.