Tummy Time

Lucy’s not a big fan of tummy time. We started off putting her on her tummy either on the floor or on her play mat with rolled up receiving blankets under her chest. It didn’t really work very well. The blankets would slide out from under her, and she just cried and cried the entire time.

Now that I’ve gotten around to buying her a tummy time mat, though, it’s gone a bit better. The one I bought comes with a mirror, and she *loves* looking at herself.



She also kicks her legs and moves her arms like she’s trying to start crawling. She’s sure going to be a mover! And that onesie? It’s a 0-3 month and it’s still pretty big on her! She still so tiny even though she weighs more than 9 lbs!

I was a Flintstone Kid

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of VitaDigest. All opinions are 100% mine.

I think I need to start taking some vitamins. I took vitamins when I was a kid, but since growing up, I’ve pushed them to the side. And, since I’m a super picky eater, I know I miss out on certain things that my body needs. For instance, I don’t get a lot of Vitamin D or calcium because I don’t drink milk. I do eat yogurt, so I’m sure that helps, but there are days that I go without taking in any kind of dairy product. I also know I don’t get a lot of Vitamin C. I’m sure there are plenty of others that I’m lacking.

I used to take Women’s One a Day vitamins, but I have a pretty bad memory, so I was pretty bad at taking them. I would go days without taking a pill. Vitamin D and calcium are definitely two that I know I need to take on a regular basis. There are plenty of other vitamins I know would be good for me, such as many of the 13,000 varieties sold at www.vitadigest.com, which was awarded INC5000 for 2009 as top 5000 Fastest growing company.. For those of you who need to restock on vitamins, VitaDigest is offering an exclusive 10 percent off coupon through the end of February with coupon code “izb10jan” and also has free shipping on orders over $100.

So, how about you? Do you take vitamins on a regular basis?

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Two Months


Dear Lucy,
Mommy’s finally getting around to writing your two month update. Two months was big for you, as I think every month will be. You had your first round of vaccinations (and definitely was not a fan of all the needles!) and you passed the 9 pound mark (hooray!). You started giving us “real” smiles, and you started lifting your head. We also started doing tummy time more regularly with you, and you *hate* it! You cry and cry and refuse to lift your head at times because you’re so mad. You’re a very stubborn girl…you definitely take after your mommy.

Despite all your fussy times, you’re still my little sunshine, and I love you more than you will know.


Helping Haitian Children

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Cryo-Cell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve blogged before about Cryo Cell, a company that stores umbilical cord blood, which is rich with stem cells, for us in bone marrow transplants. It’s something I would have liked to have done when Lucy was born if it hadn’t been so expensive. It’s something I might look into for our next child, but that’s several years down the road.

Now, though, Cryo Cell is trying to help children in Haiti, which was recently hit by a massive earthquake. For each person that enrolls with Cyro Cell this month, the company will donate $25 to the “Save the Children: Haiti Relief Fund”. That is such an awesome thing for Cryo Cell to do, and everyone who enrolls is really helping twofold — saving stem cells that can one day possibly be used to help someone and sending money to help the children affected by the tremendous earthquakes.

I would love to enroll now and help out the Haitian children. There is not a whole lot that I can do from here in America, but donating a little bit of money I know would go a long way and would make me feel like I was actually doing something to help the earthquake victims.

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Boy, Lucy has been in rare form lately and not sleeping as well at night. I want my little girl who sleeps 10-12 hours at a time back!

I don’t see myself ever moving out of Georgia. Sure, I’d love to move back to Tennessee one day (no state income tax — hooray!), but I think we’re pretty much settled here in Georgia. I have no desire to really move far away, such as to California or anywhere, so we definitely don’t have the need for any cross country moving companies. Moving to a new house is bad enough. Moving across the country would just be awful!