Grocery Deal of the Week

I do my big grocery shopping trips every two weeks to coincide with payday, so I buy two weeks worth of food at a time rather than one week worth as some do. However, in between I hit up the BOGO sales at Publix when I can get really good deals. This was one of those weeks. Since Publix’s sale dates don’t coincide with those of other grocery stores, I don’t think I count them in my weekly totals correctly. What I bought this week probably should be added to my total from my big grocery trip earlier, which would still put me at $80-some for two weeks, which is $40-some a week. Not too shabby.

On to this week’s deals. We were running low on spaghetti and sauce (spaghetti is one of our favorite meals), so when I saw Publix’s BOGO deals this week on Mueller’s pasta and Prego spaghetti sauce, I knew I needed to stock up. I had a $1/3 coupon for the pasta, which made it $0.93 for three boxes, and I had $1/1 coupons for the sauce, which made the jars $0.03 each. Yes, you read that right, THREE CENTS EACH.

So, stock up I did.


That’s 15 boxes of pasta, 10 jars of sauce and three containers of laundry detergent, which was also BOGO and, with my $2/1 coupon, I got them for $0.99 each. The grand total? $11 for what would have cost me $63. It would have only been $9, but I threw in a pack of sponges that we needed. Not bad at all. I might even use a few more of my coupons to get a few more jars of sauce since, you know, I can get them for $0.03 each. Why not stock up now?

I usually take advantage of the Publix sales to add to my stockpile. When I hit the grocery store next week for my bi-monthly big trip, I won’t be spending much at all since the following week is Passover, and there are only two starches Joe can eat. And, since we have *so* much food in our pantry right now, the shopping trip for the following two weeks will be just as light. Hooray!

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Lucy has been refusing to nap lately! I don’t know why, but she just fights and fights sleep, which makes her super grumpy. I hope she gets over this soon. At least she still sleeps well at night, though. I guess I can’t complain too much.

I’ve always been tempted to check my credit score online, but I’ve never actually taken the plunge and done it. I’m always kind of wary about things like that and, while they claim to be free, I’ve heard that it can affect your credit if you check it like that. I don’t know how much truth there is to that, but I’m a little too paranoid to try.

My younger brother is big into protein shakes. He’s been looking for the best protein powder to use, and he’s even gone as far as to try some of Lucy’s formula in his shakes. Formula is loaded with nutrients, but I can tell just from the smell that it wouldn’t taste good, and my brother confirmed that. Even with the protein powder, he could still taste the formula in his shake. I can tell you, he won’t be trying that again!

I wonder when someone will come up with a good hair loss cure. It would be nice for people with premature hair loss or receding hair lines to have something to use to maintain their hair. I think Joe would have liked something like that, even though I love him bald. I think he looks great now, even better than when he had hair!

I need to start taking a multivitamin. I have some of the women’s multivitamins, but I’m pretty bad at taking them. I’m not consistent at all, mainly because it’s hard for me to remember to take them. I’m the same way about prescription medicines that I have to take. I always have to set an alarm to remember to take everything.