I hate, hate, hate the joint pain that goes along with arthritis. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a day without pain. I hate that I can’t do certain things anymore, like sitting on the floor with Lucy, kneeling and doing fun things like caving. I used to love being more active, but now, it’s hard to even work out on my exercise bike without being in a lot of pain. Arthritis sucks.

I have never had the desire to try a colon cleanser. I hear commercials for these products on radio and TV, something I have seen an increase in lately, but it’s not something I would ever want to try. I can’t think of anything more miserable. They have some one the market that are made from coffee. Can I just say gross?

I have thought in the past about getting some kind of document scanning software to have at the house. It would be nice (and handy) to have electronic copies of all our important documents so we can access them here at home while keeping the originals safe in a safe deposit box at the bank. Have any of you used document scanning software? If so, what did you think about it?

Five Months

5 months 5

Dear Lucy,
Every time I look at you, I am amazed that we were blessed with such a beautiful, perfect little girl. Your Daddy and I watch you every night as you sleep, and we continue to be in awe by the fact that you are ours. We are so lucky.

You are growing so much! You started rolling over about a month ago, which means no more tummy time. Every time I put you down on your belly you instantly roll over. You’re a rolling machine!

In the last few weeks, you have started to teeth, and it is not a lot of fun for you. Daddy and I feel so bad seeing you so miserable, but the medicine we give you seems to help. One of these days, that tooth is going to pop through!

You’re still small for your age as you wear 3 month clothing, although you can now wear some 3-6 month clothes. You’re our petite little girl!

Your new favorite toy is your exersaucer. It didn’t take you long to figure out what to do, and now you turn yourself around and play with each of the toys.


This one, though, is your favorite. It’s the first one you learned to play with and the one you start with each time we put you in your exersaucer.


You’re still too short for your exersaucer, so we put a pillow underneath so your feet have a place to rest. That seems to be more comfortable than having your feet dangling.


I think you’re going to be a bookworm. You love having us read to you, and you love turning the pages!

lucy reading 5

You are such a Daddy’s girl. If you’re upset, it just takes Daddy picking you up to calm you down and make everything right in your world.

I can’t believe next month will be your half birthday. I know it’s cliche, but time really does fly. We’re loving every second with you and love you very, very much.


Dedication Plans

I’ve always dreamed about having my own baby’s dedication, and now that I have Lucy, I couldn’t be more excited about planning her ceremony.

In my religion, we don’t baptize babies. We believe that people should be baptized when they are old enough to make the decision to give their lives to Jesus for themselves. Instead, we do baby dedications, which is when the parents commit before God to raise their child according to his Word and Ways. It’s usually a short ceremony during the church service during which the parents take their baby to the front, and the pastor says a prayer for them.

However, we’re doing Lucy’s dedication a bit differently. My grandpa from California is flying out, and he and my grandpa in Tennessee are both going to dedicate her, which is really special to me. The ceremony will be at my parents’ house rather than at our church, mainly because it’s too difficult for my grandpa in Tennessee to get down here.

Doing it this way also will put more of the focus on her, rather than just a few minutes in the middle of a church service. The plan right now is to do her dedication around 11 a.m. by the lake in my parents’ backyard, and then we’ll have a lunch for everyone since we’ll have a full house — my two sets of grandparents, my parents, my brother and his family, my other brother, Joe’s grandmother, Joe’s parents, Joe’s sister and her family, and possibly some friends, including Lucy’s godparents. It will be a full crowd, and I’m super excited about it.

I finally decided on the dress size, and Joe’s mom picked it up and gave it to me at my birthday party. I love this dress. It’s absolutely perfect — white and feminine, yet not too frilly.

dedication dress

Lucy is going to look *so* adorable. I cannot wait. The dedication is set for September 4 — only about four months to go!

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Store Brand Sales Increasing?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve really gotten hardcore about couponing, especially with the downturn in the economy. I’m all about saving whatever money I can, and now that I see how much money I’ve really been wasting before, I’m even more into clipping coupons.

However, I know that even with coupons, buying the brand-name products isn’t always the best deal. I buy a lot of store brands, which it seems other people are doing as well. According to a recent poll included in a study entitled Recession, Recovery & Store Brands, 57 percent of shoppers said they buy store brands “frequently”. The poll also showed that 43 percent of shoppers are now trying store brands for the first time in place of name brands and that most shoppers who switched are happy that they did so.

Now, there are some things I won’t buy unless it’s a name brand, and there are some store brands I don’t like. But, there are others that really don’t taste different to me. For example, store brand black beans taste the same to me as name brand. And, I regularly buy store brand formula, like Parent’s Choice. Lucy really doesn’t have a preference, and since it has the same nutritional value, I don’t see any reason to pay twice as much for a name brand.

Has the economy changed your shopping habits? Are there any store brand products that you buy? And, on the flip side, what are the products that you won’t skimp on?

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