I wonder how well hair growth shampoo and conditioner work. I’ve kind of always been skeptical about those kinds of things, probably because it’s something I’d be more apt to believe if I see it for myself. I guess I find it hard to believe any kind of shampoo can make hair grow. Have any of you had any kind of experience with products like this?

What do you all consider the best acne treatment to be? I keep hearing so many ads for various treatments, and every one touts itself as being the best. I think when I was a teenager, I just used the acne cream and it worked fine for me. So, what kind of treatments did you prefer to use as a teenager?

Now that my car is starting to get up there in mileage, as in I think I’m at more than 150,000 miles, I wonder if I should look into an extended service plan. I’m not really familiar with everything that’s available, but it might be something to look into, especially since I want to get as much life out of my car as possible.

One thing I love shopping for is men’s clothing Joe is not a huge fan of shopping, so sometimes I’ll stop by one of our local stores and pick out a shirt or a pair of pants for him. It’s so funny because where women have to try every article of clothing on, men can pretty much just pick out their size and go. Must be nice!

Weekly Grocery Totals — May 26

This was my best shopping week ever. I hoarded my Morningstar coupons until they went back on BOGO sale, and they finally did this week! I plan to go back before the sale ends next Tuesday to get more. This is one of the times that I wish I had an extra freezer in our storage room so I could stock up.

On to the totals. This week, I spent $23.68 and got $93.84 worth of groceries, which is a savings of about 75 percent.


14 boxes Morningstar products
Normally $3.89/each
On sale B1G1 = $27.23
Coupons = $22.00
Total = $5.23

12 bags Texas Toast croutons
Normally $1.59/each
On sale for $0.99/each
Coupons = 12 $0.50/1 doubled to $1/1
Total = FREE!

5 bags 9 Lives cat food
Normally $3.99/each
Rain check for B1G1 sale = $9.95
Coupons = 5 $1/1
Total = $4.95

1 Publix glass cleaner
Normally $2.19
This week’s penny item
Total = $0.01

1 onion
Total = $1.02

1 bag carrots
Total = $3.99

1 bag stir fry
Total = $2.39

2 bottles Publix iced tea
Normally $2.58/each
On sale B1G1 = $2.58
Coupon = $1
Total = $1.58

1 box baby oatmeal
Total = $1.89

Starting Solids

Lucy got her first taste of solid foods last night! I think we were WAY more excited than she was. She’d eat formula for the rest of her life if it her up to her. 🙂

I thought I had jars of stage 1 sweet potatoes, but I didn’t, so we started with squash. Lucy wasn’t really sure what to think at first.


We can’t tell what she really thinks of squash. She made faces the whole time, and we’re not sure if that’s because she wasn’t a fan of the taste or of eating foods off a spoon in general. She did have a great time getting all messy, though!


And, we did manage to get a smile out of her.


This morning, she tried rice cereal for the first time, and she cried the whole time. So, either she didn’t like it AT ALL, or she was just a super grumpy girl. We gave her a little more squash and then washed it all down with formula, which she was really excited about.

We’ll stay with just squash for another day or so, and then we’ll add in another food. I’m still deciding what that will be. Maybe sweet potatoes or peas.