Boy, Lucy had SO much fun at the Kiddie Day Parade today. Sure, she slept through the actual parade, but she had a blast beforehand and afterward. I can’t wait to take her again next year!

Our New Cat

We have a new cat. At least, we sort of do.

This cat started showing up at our house about a week ago. He is skin and bones and, since he is the spitting image of my cat who ran away and never returned when my family first moved to Tennessee in 1994, I obviously wanted to keep him. However, my husband is the voice of reason, and he reminded me that we really cannot have four cats, two adults and one crazy bebe in our house right now.

So, Pumpkin II, as I have named him in honor of my missing cat, is now our outdoor cat. He shows up just about every day, and we put out food for him. I am just assuming the cat is a male, but I digress. He’s super sweet and not skittish at all. He comes right up to me, though I’m a little nervous to touch him since I don’t know his background or what diseases, if any, he has.

I don’t know how long this guy will stick around, but if he’s still here when we buy a bigger house, we’ll probably be taking him with us. 🙂

I wonder how well rapid detox works. I wonder if it’s kind of like going off a substance you’re addicted to cold turkey, which I’m sure doesn’t work too well. I would think going off cold turkey would be so hard that many people end up going back to their addictions. I really do hope it works for some people. I’d be interested in learning how the rapid detox program works. I’m always kind of intrigued by things like that, probably because I never have and never will be addicted to a substance.

I really need to get insurance for my iPhone. You never know what could happen to it, and it’s a pretty expensive phone as far as phones go. I’d like to get an iPhone 4 when they work all the kinks and bugs out of it, and if and when I do, I’m definitely getting iphone 4 insurance. You can’t be too careful with a baby around!

One thing I’m not looking forward to about Lucy growing up is the time that will come when she will have to deal with hormonal acne. I went through that as a teenager, as I’m sure pretty much everyone has, and it was not a lot of fun. It’s hard on the self-esteem. I really hope Lucy doesn’t have to deal with it very much.

One thing I like about myself is that I have a really nice complexion. It’s something that people have always commented on and given me compliments about. I’ve been told in the past that I don’t even need to wear makeup, a statement I’m not sure is true anymore, though I do go most days in the summer without makeup. Hopefully having a nice complexion will mean that I won’t have a problem with wrinkles and won’t have to find a way to remove wrinkles.