Labor Day

Joe and I have had a nice day off today. Joe went on a nice, long run; Lucy and I napped; and we just spent time together as a family here at home, which is what we enjoy doing the most. I kept thinking it was Sunday today, which is what always happens when we have a Monday off. It’s amazing how fast a four-day weekend can go by.

This afternoon, Joe had a photo shoot, so Lucy and I headed out to the grocery store to pick up a few things before this week’s sale ends. She LOVES going to the grocery store. Seriously. This kid just looks all around and smiles and laughs. She’s just so much fun to take places.

I’m trying to make it more of a habit for us to eat here at home. It’s so easy for us to just grab takeout on nights that I work really late, so I’m trying to keep some “easy” meals in the house for those days. It will be cheaper and healthier. What we really need to work on is not going out to eat after church. We’re normally starving by the time church is over, and since it’s about 30 minutes away from home, it’s just easier to stop somewhere to eat. Maybe we’ll try to knock that down to every other week? I’m not sure yet.

Last night, we had haystacks for dinner since we have SO many ingredients left over from Lucy’s dedication, and tonight we had baked potatoes, vegetarian buffalo wings and veggies. Light, healthy and yummy! Here’s my plan for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Rice and stir fry (a late night for me, most likely, so one of our “easy” meals)
Wednesday: Sloppy joe pasta, veggies
Thursday: Chili
Friday: Red beans and rice
Saturday: Provinos — belated anniversary dinner!

What’s on your menu this week?

Man, Lucy’s dedication was so nice. Everything totally came together and made for a perfect day. It was so special having my grandpa do the dedication, too. What an awesome memory.

I want to get some kind of new mattress bed. I’ve heard good things about the Tempur-Pedic mattresses. While ours isn’t a firm mattress, I would like one that’s a bit softer and more comfortable. I want my bed to be like the one in the Hampton Inn billboard ads that just looks like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Seriously. Those billboards make me want to go curl up in the softest bed I can find, and I would love that to be my own!

9 Months


Dear Lucy,
Wow. You are 9 months old now, though at the time I’m writing this you’re more like 9 1/2 months old. You are 3 months away from your first birthday, and thinking about that makes me both happy and sad. I hate that you’re growing up because I want you to stay my little baby forever, but each new stage also is so much fun!

At 9 months, you are getting closer and closer to walking. At times instead of crawling you will plant your hands and feet on the floor and “walk” that way. I’ve been told that’s a precursor to walking. Your babysitter thinks you’ll be walking in the next few weeks. I guess we’ll see!

You are still a tiny girl! At your check up, you weighed 16 lbs, 12 oz; were 27 1/4 inches tall and had a head circumference of 45 cm. That’s the 10th, 50th and 50th percentiles respectively. We don’t know how you’re so tiny because you love to eat! You LOVE rice and black beans (just like your mommy), and you also like spaghetti, mac n cheese and plain cheese. You’re not wanting baby food as much anymore since we’ve been feeding you table food. You definitely prefer the real stuff!

Your top two teeth are starting to come through. They haven’t protruded yet, but we can see blocks of white on your gums. Apparently, those teeth didn’t get the memo that you don’t want anymore teeth. 🙂

We’ve gotten you into a napping/bedtime routine, and it’s working wonderfully! Every night, we read you a couple of books, always ending with “Goodnight Moon”, turn on your lullabies and gloworm, and leave you in your crib with Tigger, who you tackle when you fall asleep. It’s always so cute to check on you and see you cuddling Tigger. You guys are BFFs.


And speaking of reading, you LOVE books. Your favorites right now are the “That’s not my….” series and, of course, you love “Goodnight Moon”, though sometimes you flip straight to the end of the book like you can’t wait to finish!


You are constantly smiling and laughing, and those are things I just can’t get enough of. It just makes me so happy and realize how full my life is.


I love you so much baby girl!