11 Months

Dear Lucy,
Today, you turned 11 months old. You are one month away from your first birthday. Wow. That’s just so hard to believe. We had a big morning today to celebrate. We met our mom’s group for breakfast at Chick-fil-A, and you got your first balloon! You LOVE balloons, and you’ve been playing with this one (and biting it!) all day.

park 3

park 2

You had a lot of fun playing in the play area with some of the other kids in our group, and I know you can’t wait until you are able to run around with them.

When we got back into town, we headed to the park. You LOVE the park. Seriously. You could probably live there forever and be happy. Your favorite activity is swinging. You just laughed and laughed, so much so the a couple of other mothers there commented about how much you seem to love swinging.

park 1

Then, you went down the slide and played around a little longer before we had to leave.

park 7

park 6

park 5

park 4

At 11 months, you are a bundle of life. You are everywhere and get into everything. You are SUCH a fast crawler, and you are thisclose to walking. Some say they think you’ll be walking by your first birthday. I guess we’ll see.

You love books. You’ll sit in the living or in your crib or anywhere we put you and just flip through books. You could sit there for hours like that. I hope your love for books continues to deepen as you grow older and that you become a big reader like Daddy and I are.

Right now, you’re in size 3 diapers, and you’re wearing 9-12 month clothing. You are in 12 month sleepers, and I’ve bought you some 12 month shirts, but they fit you like dresses! The majority of your daily clothing is 9 month. You are a petite little girl!

You are so bright and bubbly and full of laughter, and I love being around you. It’s as simple as that. I can’t get enough of hanging out with you. I love you lots and lots, my little buggie.


The countdown has begun — four more weeks of formula!!

Anyone have any suggestions as to what the best weight loss supplement would be? I really don’t think I’m eating badly (and I have Joe keeping me in check with that), and I’m really getting super frustrated about my lack of weight loss. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, and I’m so tired of it. I’m ready to get back into my old clothes!

Lucy’s 10 Month Portraits

Yes, I know that Lucy will be 11 months told tomorrow (seriously?? ELEVEN MONTHS OLD??), but I guess these are better late than ever. I feel like I have been such a slacker. I just realized I never posted her 6, 8 or 9 month pictures, and I haven’t even touched her baby book since she was a newborn. Isn’t it supposed to be like this for the second child rather than the first??









I had so much fun at mom’s movie night tonight. It’s nice to get out with the girls, even though I miss my little one like crazy!

I’ve always loved the smell of cigars. Although the smell of cigarettes bothers me, I don’t mind the smell of cigars. Not that I’d be looking for any cigar deals of the day or anything, but I do love the smell. We used to have a cigar lounge in the downtown area of my city, which was always interesting to walk by.