Wordless Wednesday: Welcome to Heck’s Kitchen


White Christmas

The weather forecasters predicted a white Christmas, but I didn’t believe them because when are weather forecasters ever right? I mean, there hasn’t been a white Christmas in Atlanta in about 140 years.

They were right this time because this is what we woke up to on Christmas morning.



Granted, we were north of Atlanta in Chattanooga, but still. Snow! We took Lucy out for a little bit (not too long because I totally spaced and forgot her hat and mittens at home), and she loved the snow. She laughed and laughed.




Until she fell in the snow. Then, she didn’t like it so much.



My brothers and nephew had fun making a snowman.



It was pretty and fun, but it got old, especially after being snowed in. I definitely will be happy to NOT have a white Christmas next year!

Family Taco Night Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Family Taco Night Giveaway is:

Liz (eemoody)! I’ll be getting in touch with you to get your contact information.

I had such a nice Christmas holiday. It was fun spending time with friends, and I hated to see it end. Now, it’s time to start planning for next year!

My grandpa makes good use of his binoculars. He LOVES to bird watch out the sliding glass door in his kitchen. It’s one thing that he and my grandma still really enjoy. I should get him a new set of binoculars. Maybe I’ll get him barska binoculars or something. That might be a good gift for someone who doesn’t really “need” anything!

One of these days, I would like to update our bathroom. I would LOVE to redo our shower/tub combo. Our current tub is all one piece, so I’d like to take it out, put in a new tub and shower head, and then tile the wall. I HATE the one piece, and I think that would look much nicer. I’d also like to put in one of those Kohler toilets. This is all a few years down the road, but hopefully we can get it done sooner rather than later.