Snowpocalypse 2011

We don’t get much snow here in metro Atlanta, at least not compared to the North. So, when weather forecasters predicted snowfall with several inches of accumulation, I kind of brushed it off.

Boy, was I wrong. We woke up last Monday to almost 5 inches at our house. And, because our road is a hill, we were iced in.


Our road is somewhere there in the middle.

We took Lucy out later that morning, and she was not a fan. She’s just like her mommy — she likes being dry and warm!



It was crazy here. Many, like us, were stuck until Wednesday. We finally were able to get down our hill and get to work then. Schools were out for the entire week, and now school systems are trying to figure out how to make up the time (a couple already cancelled winter break next month). We just aren’t prepared for that kind of weather down here.

Now, life is back to normal, and I’m really hoping we don’t get snow like that any time soon. They’re predicting more snow on the 25th. Hopefully, it will just be a dusting and nothing major. Otherwise, it’s my turn to stay at the office.

Fiber One Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Fiber One Yogurt giveaway is:

Karin! I’ll be getting in touch with you to get your info!

Stay tuned, everyone…I’ve got another fun giveaway coming up!

Toddler Tales

Last night, Joe and I were standing by the stove talking as we made dinner. Lucy walked over to the other side of the room, opened one of the cabinets, took out a box of pasta, closed the cabinet, walked over to me and gave me the pasta. Then, she walked over to the other side of the refrigerator, got our colander, and brought that to me as well.

I think someone wanted spaghetti for dinner!

Breastfeeding in Public

It happened during Lucy’s Sabbath School class last Saturday. I was having fun watching my little girl walking up to the front during the various songs when I looked over and saw the woman sitting next to me with her shirt pulled up and her breast hanging out.

Now, I have no problem seeing women breastfeeding in public, but how about being a little discreet about it? When I’m at the mall letting Lucy burn off energy in the soft play area, I always see moms nursing but they use a cover. And, there’s nothing wrong with a mother breastfeeding in the mother’s room at church even without a cover.

But, in a children’s Sabbath School class with a group of children and husbands? It makes me feel awkward. I couldn’t even look at Joe when I walked up front with Lucy during one of the songs because I didn’t want to look at this woman’s chest. I know it made Joe uncomfortable, and I can only imagine the other dads felt the same.

I just hope that Sabbath School in the future will not be as uncomfortable.

Fiber One Yogurt Giveaway

How about another giveaway? That will brighten up the dreary snow and ice days we’ve been having here in Atlanta.

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One thing I’m kind of dreading is when Lucy becomes a teenager. Not only will we get the privilege of dealing with the wonderful teenage girl attitude (please note my sarcasm!), but I’m sure she will deal with acne, which is a pretty big problem for teenagers. Heck, even I get acne every now and then! Back when I was a teen, there wasn’t a large selection of products on the market, but now they even have prescription acne creams! When Lucy gets a little older, I’ll have to start reading up on some epiduo reviews to see what I think.