Our big goal for the year, besides paying down our credit cards, is getting Joe a laptop. We really want to get one for him so we can get rid of our desktop computer and our big oak desk. That would really free up space in our back room. We’re going to get one from Best Buy. We’ve always had great experiences there, and we’ve gotten pretty great deals on products.

Young Technology Lover

My daughter can use my iPhone.

Yes, you read that correctly. Over Christmas weekend, she showed my dad how to wake it up and unlock it, and how to scroll from screen to screen. She didn’t get to the point where she could show him how to move icons around, but she’ll do that the next time we see them. Because, yes, my 13-month-old daughter can move icons around. She can even create folders by moving one like icon onto another. The other day when she was playing with my phone, she moved my Safari icon from the bottom bar to a new page.

She can also work the TV and DVD player remotes, and she can open DVD cases and take the DVDs out. I think we’re in for trouble when she gets older!

Branson Vacations

This post brought to you by Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Joe goes to a couple conferences a year as part of his job, and he’s made a bunch of friends in the marketing/travel industry. One of his friends is from Branson, and she keeps telling him how we need to take a trip out there to visit as it’s such a great tourist area.

There is SO much to do in Branson, from theme parks and museums to its 49 live entertainment theaters. If we went, our trip would definitely be geared toward Lucy. We’d probably spend a good bit of time at the Branson Family Fun Factory and Kids Kountry. I’m sure we could find something at those places to entertain Lucy. 🙂 I know I would also want to spend some time shopping, and we’d definitely check out the restaurants. When we go on trips, we like to eat at places we don’t have back home.

When we go, I’d like to stay at either the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel or the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing. I love Hilton hotels. They are always very nice and have great amenities, like restaurants, swimming pools and exercise rooms, which we definitely put to use when we stay at hotels.

Have any of you ever been to Branson? What did you do there? If you haven’t gone, what would you like to see or do if you do go?

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Christmas Recap

Christmas 2010 was a lot of fun. Last year, Lucy was just a month old and slept most of the time. This past Christmas, she was an active 1-year-old who got into EVERYTHING!

We normally open our presents on Christmas Eve but, since that fell on a Friday night, which is the beginning of our Sabbath, we held off until Saturday night after sundown. On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed our traditional meal of chow mein and fruit salad, and spent time with my family. Lucy and Harrison had fun playing in her tent. We put Marshall in there too but, since he can’t move yet, when the others got out of the tent, he was left behind just sitting there! He was pretty good natured about it, though.



On Christmas morning, we opened our stockings from my parents (I think it’s so neat that they do that!). Joe and I got gift cards to a couple of our favorite restaurants along with a few other little things. Lucy got some really neat toys — a pinwheel, a Tigger and Pooh chalkboard with chalk, an apron for cooking in her kitchen and clapper hands. She loved them!



Joe’s parents had planned on joining us for lunch, as they do every year, but they were snowed in at the cabin and weren’t able to make it.

When sundown hit, we were all ready to open presents. I admit that I’m still a kid in that respect because I still go and check out my gifts under the tree. 🙂 Lucy sat very patiently while she waited.



And, she hung out with Marshall.



Harrison had one present he had picked out and wanted to open since the night before, so we let him open it as the first present of the night. It was a book from his great-grandparents in California!


We all got a bunch of great gifts. We gave Lucy two other presents besides her kitchen — a Belle doll and the game Elefun.


We had to get a toy for her to open quickly because she kept playing with the Gloworm we gave Marshall (it happens to be one of her favorite toys at home)! I’m sure she was just showing him how to use it (really, she was….), but eventually, Marshall turned it upside down so she couldn’t play with it anymore!


It was a great Christmas, and I’m looking forward to the holidays being even more fun in the future as Lucy gets older.