“New Year, Choose You” Giveaway Winner

The winner of the giveaway from the American Cancer Society is:

cancer society giveaway winner

Cheryl F.! Congrats! I’ll be getting in touch with you to get your contact information. Stay tuned…my next giveaway is coming up next!

Lucy is getting her new slide today! I am so excited to see her reaction and to see her playing on it!

iPhone User

My 15-month-old daughter can use my iphone. Seriously. When it’s locked, she can turn on the lock screen, swipe it to unlock it, and can navigate around it by swiping. She also has been known to delete apps and create folders by putting moving an app on top of another one. She can use my phone better than some adults I know! I need to drag out our real video camera (since I always use the one on my phone out of convenience) and get a video of her doing it sometime.

I’m getting kind of frustrated. I’ve been losing weight (11 pounds now to be exact!), and I’ve gone down a size in pants. However, I haven’t seemed to lose any weight in my stomach, which is really disheartening. I feel like it makes me look so much larger than I really am. Anyone know how to burn belly fat? Hopefully once I kick these infections I’ll be able to start working out again and will see it melt away.

Have I ever mentioned how glad I am to have a little girl? Most people say they really didn’t care what sex their baby was, but I have always wanted a little girl. I’ve always imagined dressing her up in cute little dresses and putting bows in her hair. I hope our next child is a girl as well. There definitely wouldn’t be an abundance of testosterone in our house, then!

I’m thinking that when I have another baby, I am not going to breastfeed. I tried that with Lucy, but it only last a couple of weeks. I had a very low supply, and while I pumped often, I wasn’t into it enough to be willing to try the various ways of there are to increase breast milk. My reason for nursing was to save money on formula. I really didn’t have a desire to do it before I had Lucy, and after she was born, nursing wasn’t something I looked forward to or enjoyed. Lucy was formula-fed, and she turned out great, so I have no doubt baby #2 will as well.