I found a great website where you can get cheap eyeglasses that are still stylish and good quality. I found that glasses can be SO expensive, so finding a place where you can get them for much less and still get good quality glasses is great. I really need to get back up sets for both me and Joe, just in case something ever happens to our current glasses.

This year, we’re going to do Valentine’s Day on a budget. We’re trying to be more frugal in an effort to save a bit more money during the economic downturn. But, it will still be a fun holiday. Joe’s taking me to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner and, of course, we’ll give each other something. I think he’ll like what I have planned for him!

Wordless Wednesday: Snuggles

dizzy snuggles

Ear Infection

It was bound to happen. After 14 months of life, Lucy finally got her first ear infection.

And, we seem to be very lucky that it hasn’t been that bad for her. It hasn’t affected her sleep at all (if anything, she sleeps a little bit later in the mornings), and she really wasn’t fussy until last Saturday afternoon, after we had taken her to the doctor. She screamed and screamed and screamed, but finally calmed down after she woke up from a nap.

That’s been the worst of it. We didn’t even think she had an ear infection because she never pulled at her ear. At first, we just thought she was congested from teething, and when her snot turned green on Saturday, we were thinking that it was more of a sinus infection.

The antibiotic Lucy was given started working *fast*, and she is 100 times better already. I’m really glad this infection wasn’t worse on her (or us), and I really hope she doesn’t have to deal with one again!

Tuesday Tales

Me: What did you take for lunch?
Joe: One of those Marie Claire meals.
Me: Uh, that’s a magazine.
Joe: And they make frozen meals? She’s a good cook!