Show Us Your Life: Your Church

This week’s theme on Kelly’s “Show Us Your Life” feature is where you go to church. I LOVE my church. I go to the Calhoun Seventh-day Adventist Church in Calhoun, Ga.

I transferred from my former church after Lucy was born because I wanted her to be around more kids her age. The other church was just too small. We love Lucy’s Sabbath School class — and so does she — and I hope we’re able to get to know some of the other parents better. And, while it’s bigger than my previous church, it’s still small enough where everyone knows everyone. We’ve felt SO welcome, and in both churches, Joe has been accepted completely even though he isn’t an Adventist. And one other cool fact — one of my elementary school teachers goes to my church! It’s been SO much fun getting to see him again — and introducing him to my family — after not seeing him since 1993.

One of the other reasons I picked this church is because I really liked the pastor. His sermons are engaging and I get a blessing from them. They’re very easy to pay attention too, which is something I can’t say about some other pastors whom I’ve heard preach. Unfortunately, we got a letter in the mail last week stating that our pastor is accepting a call to California. I pray we whoever is called to our church will be just as good of a pastor.

Not only do I love my church, but I love my religion. I was born and raised a Seventh-day Adventist. In fact, my grandfathers are very big names in the Adventist church as they both are pastors and former teachers. My maternal grandfather is a past-president of Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, Mass. My paternal grandparents both taught at my Alma mater, Southern Adventist University. Here’s a funny story about how well known my grandparents are in the church: Every five years we have a big General Conference session. Its location moves throughout the world (this last time it was in Atlanta!), and its a time for Adventists from around the world to get together to fellowship and elect our world president. In 1985, the General Conference was in session when my brothers were born. Since my grandparents are so prominent, my brothers’ birth was announced during the session. Pretty cool, huh? I’m jealous that I wasn’t born during the session in 1980 (stupid March birthday!)!

I love what our church believes. We believe in the Bible as the Word of God, as other religions do. We believe that the seventh day, Saturday, is the Sabbath, and that it is a day of rest. Honestly, I don’t know WHAT I would do without that day of rest. God gave it to us because He KNEW we needed it.

We also believe in the health message, something that Cory in the comments reminded me that I forgot. While my individual church doesn’t focus a lot on it, the SDA church as a whole promotes healthy living and a vegetarian diet.

Although Joe isn’t an Adventist (but, as a Jew, he shares the same Sabbath, which I love), we are raising Lucy in the Adventist church. I feel so blessed to be able to do so, but I know what a HUGE responsibility it is. Sometimes I wonder if I’m up to the challenge, but I know I have not only the support and guidance of my parents and grandparents but also of God.

Where do you go to church? I’d love to hear about yours!

Wordless Wednesday


Sinus Meds

This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

120x30_WalgrensTransparentLogoWe pretty much live on sinus meds in our house. Joe and I always get hit pretty bad throughout the year, so we try to keep various meds in stock. I used to take Claritin D but switched to Zyrtec after the Claritin started making my heart rate increase. However, I HATE paying the huge price tag that comes with name brand allergy medicines.

So, when I got the chance to try out one of the Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products, I jumped on it. I picked Wal-Zyr, the Walgreens equivalent of Zyrtec. I’ve seen it in the store before and noticed the price different between that and the name brand, but I’d never tried it.

And, boy, did we try it out! We’ve both been having allergy issues lately, so we dove into our box. It worked great! With some store brand items I have tried in the past, I could tell a difference between it and the name brand. However, this worked the exact same as the Zyrtec. We were very happy!

One really neat thing is that when you buy a Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Product, Walgreens will donate up to $3 million a year to the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™. The Walgreens Way to Well Fund™ provides preventative health tests, health and wellness services, and education to local communities. That sounds like a great program!


Have you ever tried a Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Product before? If so, what was it and what did you think about it? If not, which one do you think you’d want to try?


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They Say it’s your Birthday

Last weekend was my birthday. I turned 31. And, while turning another year older wasn’t fun, my birthday was a blast thanks to my awesome hubby and family.

My birthday celebration started on Friday morning with our traditional breakfast at Wes-Man’s, a favorite local place of ours.


The owner of the restaurant has a truck outside that he paints every day with peoples’ names and other messages. Every year, Joe calls to have my name painted on the truck. For the last two years, it rained and the truck wasn’t able to be painted. This year, the weather was clear, and this is what was on the truck:


Yes, the name “Cody” is supposed to be mine. After two years of not being on the truck, my name was spelled wrong! Yet another funny story to tell. Lucy made sure to point the mistake out to us.


On Saturday, we headed to Chattanooga to see my family and, since Joe had to work on Sunday, his parents made the long drive up as well. We had a lot of fun, and Lucy had a blast playing soccer with Harrison. I love seeing her spend time with her cousins.

Oh yeah, and there were presents. Joe got me a Pandora bracelet, which I have been wanting FOREVER, along with a bear charm to represent Lucy. His parents got me a cat charm to represent our three monsters.

pandora bracelet

And, my parents gave me enough money to cover most of the cost of a Silhouette SD cutter, which I plan to use for my new side business (more on that coming soon!).


I was pretty shocked and surprised with everything.


Poor Lucy was in the corner, and I didn’t realize she was trying to see what I was opening!


I keep telling Joe I don’t know how he will beat this birthday next year. But, I know he’ll think of something. He always does. 🙂

You Know You’re a Mom When….

You have a sippy cup and/or snack cup in your purse but aren’t with your child.

Has anyone ever taken any creatine supplements? I’m not athletic, but my husband is as he is a runner. However, I don’t know if wants to take any supplements or not. I guess it couldn’t hurt to check out what the best creatine supplement is. Maybe they would turn Joe into a super runner with super fast speeds! That would be pretty funny, actually. 🙂