I kind of feel bad for Joe sometimes being that he is the only male in our house. If and when we try for a second child, I’m hoping we have another girl. Then, Joe will be completely outnumbered! He’ll probably need to find the best testosterone supplements or something. He loves it though. He wouldn’t trade his baby girl for anything.

In Honor of Passover

It’s almost Passover, so I thought I’d post this. It’s hilarious!

Wordless Wednesday: Cheeeeeeeesface!

cheeseface polaroid

Lucy fell asleep today in her yum-yum chair. While she was eating her applesauce. It was so stinkin’ cute!

I always see so many of those cash advance places when I drive around and also cash advance online sites. I wonder how many people use those with the economy still not getting much better and so many people still out of work. I know it looks appealing, but the interest rates and other things charged by those companies really don’t make it worth it to me.


I have a love/hate relationship with makeup. I love to wear it because I definitely feel like I look better with it on, but I hate to wear it because I feel like it melts off of me, especially in the hot summers we have here in Georgia.

I LOVE mineral makeup. It’s pretty much all I wear now, and I don’t seem to “feel” it on me as much as I did before when I wore liquid foundation. I’ve tried a few different kinds of mineral makeup (and have loved them all), but I haven’t tried organic makeup yet. Have any of you tried that?

What are you favorite brands of makeup?