I received some really disheartening news the last time I went to see my rheumatologist. He told me that I have osteoporosis in two of my vertebrae and osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) in several other vertebrae. I don’t drink milk, which I’m sure didn’t help, but he did say that arthritis will cause osteoporosis. I’m going on osteoporosis medicine, but I’m also wondering if some kind of laser spine treatment would help as well. I guess that’s something else to ask my doctor at my next appointment.

I’ve been looking for a little more work each week to make up a shortfall because of miscalculated insurance premiums. I actually found a pretty interesting registration job at a local hospital after doing a search for Destination Manager Jobs. It’s on an as-needed basis, and it’s PRN, which means you get paid more on a shift because you don’t get benefits. Even doing that one day a week or so would be nice. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Toy Question

Do any of you have toy cash registers for your kids? Lucy played with one at a play area last week, and she seemed to like the cash drawer a little bit (once she figured out how it worked, that is), but I wonder if she would actually play with one if I got her one. It always frustrates me when I buy her a toy she likes and then she won’t play with it when she has one of her own! Thoughts?

Wal-Mart Gift Card Winner

The winner of the Wal-Mart gift card and three boxes of cereal is …..

….#17 — Tess!

Congratulations! I’ll get in touch with you to get your contact information. Thanks, everyone, for entering, and make sure you enter my new giveaway. Three people will win 25 Shutterfly cards!

Shutterfly Cards Giveaway

It’s the end of October, and that means it’s time to start thinking about this year’s holiday cards. We’re always so busy this time of year, and we need to find time to get a good family picture to use.

Last year, we used Shutterfly for our cards, and we LOVED how they turned out. The quality of their greeting cards was great, and the turnaround time was really quick. We plan on using Shutterfly every year from here on out. Since my family is Seventh-day Adventist and Joe’s is Jewish, I either have to find a generic card that can be used for both Christmas and Hannukah (which is my least favorite option) or I need to pick on out for both holidays. This year, I opted for the second option. Here are the ones that I like the best:

For Christmas cards:

And for Hannukah cards:

Of course, my preferences might change by the time we actually order our cards, but this is what I’m looking at for now. What do you think??

Shutterfly is giving THREE of my readers 25 holiday cards! This giveaway will end Saturday, Nov. 5, at 12 a.m. Enter by using the widget. This is the first time I’m using the widget for a giveaway, so hopefully it will work better!

The Cuteness Challenge

This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

PvB-CuteDar-Green-300x250-Backup.jpgI love looking at pictures of adorable babies. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything cuter than a cute baby! And, I know some people feel the same way about puppies.

That’s why Animal Planet is trying to figure out which is cuter — babies or puppies — by holding a Puppies vs. Babies online contest. The contest runs until Nov. 23, and the winning puppy or baby will get $5,000! I wish I had known about this Puppies vs. Babies contest because, as we all know, my baby is adorable, and I know she totally would have won. I would totally bring on the smack talk!

Since I didn’t get to enter Lucy, I figured I’d still go ahead and browse through the pictures. There is an ADORABLE picture of a baby in a bear suit, and I decided that baby was getting my vote because it reminded me of Lucy. She wore a bear suit last year for Halloween and was super adorable. There are tons of cute pictures of puppies, too.

Check out the contest and let me know who you voted for! For those of you with little ones, don’t you wish you had known about this sooner, too??

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