Happy Birthday, Marshall!

Last weekend, we headed up to my parents’ house to celebrate my nephew Marshall’s second birthday. It was a fun gathering of friends and family in my parents’ backyard.

My brother set up a fun little water park-type thing. The kids had a ton of fun. There was an elephant that sprayed water out of its trunk, a giraffe sprinkler and an alligator pool. Lucy loved the pool but wasn’t a fan of getting sprayed. But, although she was trepidatious at first, she soon warmed up and said it was “her pool”. She didn’t want anyone else getting in it!







Eventually, the kids came out for the singing of “Happy Birthday” and cake.


Lucy had to be bribed with a cupcake. Typical.



The birthday boy enjoyed his cupcake, too!


Big brother Harrison wanted to help Marshall open his presents. Laid-back Marshall just went with the flow. 🙂


Marshall got an orb, and the kids took turns rolling in it. Lucy hated it. I was a little surprised.


After we got a chilly Lucy out of the pool (kicking and screaming, I might add) and changed into her clothes, she and her Daddy went for a canoe ride on my parents’ lake.



It was a fun day celebrating a fun kid!

Lucy loves to help — or act like she’s helping — around the house, and who am I to dissuade her from that? She LOVES to sweep, rake and mow right now, and although she has one of those toy lawn mowers that have the balls inside that pop and make noise when you move it, I’d like to get her a different one as well — maybe one that makes a little LESS noise! I wonder if they have any toy push reel lawn mower. 🙂

Cute Summer Clothes

I am in the market for some new clothes. Although I am trying to get into a regular exercise routine to lose this weight that I’ve had since Lucy was born, I’m also coming to grips with the fact that I might need to get some clothes that I can feel good in (or as close to good as I can get) until I really start losing the weight.

One style I really like is ruching. I think it’s an easy way to slim a person down, whether it’s on the side of an article of clothing or in the middle. I’m always looking for new places to shop since I feel like my options are limited at my usual stores, and I was pleased when I checked out Spiegel’s website and a couple of dresses immediately caught my eye: the Ruched Sleeveless Dress and the One-Shoulder Goddess Dress.

The ruching on the first dress looks like it would be pretty flattering on the sides, and I love the one-shoulder dress. I always admire those styles when I see them on TV, and I think the band around the middle might flatter the stomach area. And what’s better? They’re on sale!

Spiegel also has some summer tops on sale, and I like this Equestrian-Print Tunic. I think it would be super cute with leggings! Plus, I love all the bright colors. My husband always tells me I have too much black, gray and brown in my closet (did you notice I picked those colors in the dresses??), so I think this is something that he would love to see on me.

Check out spiegel.com and let me know what clothing items are your favorite for the summer. Come back and tell me in the comments!