I had so many plans for my first week as a freelance writer/stay-at-home mom again. We were going to go to the park yesterday to enjoy this beautiful weather, and we were going to meet some friends today to catch a showing of Finding Nemo in the theater.

Then, I got sick. It looks like I have another sinus infection and, guys, this is worse than others I have had in the past. I have had HORRIBLE vertigo with this — it’s so bad I can’t stand up, and I can hardly see straight while sitting. Ugh. I had to give up a meeting tonight I was supposed to cancel, and now I’m hoping I feel OK enough to go meet with a new member of a group that has hired me to run their social media accounts.

When I’m better (which BETTER be by tomorrow), I have some FUN news to share with you all! And, MAYBE a giveaway!! Who’s excited??

Choosing Personalized Ribbons for Weddings

The big day is arriving. You are in the midst of choosing your colors and the verse you would like printed on your personalized ribbon for favors. You can have a favorite passage from a book or the Bible placed on the ribbon. You can choose something you’ve been taught throughout your life that is charming and lovely. Just a little verse to place on your ribbon that will have an impact on this wonderful day, something that will cause one reading it to remember it.
You can also choose to put your names on it. This ribbon has endless possibilities.

While you are in the midst of ordering your ribbon, you will also see many other ideas for your wedding decor. You can choose linens for the tables. There are also many gorgeous flowers available that will coordinate with your special colors. Now, you can also purchase chair covers with sashes and bows. These will certainly create a distinct memory of your special day. Many online stores also offer free shipping when orders total over $150. It is actually very easy to purchase your wedding decor items. Just choose your colors, fill out the form and your order will be delivered directly to your door. Making decor decisions can be a daunting experience in planning your wedding unless you go at it with a true attitude of enjoyment.

Family Night Out

Last night, Joe and I had plans to drop Lucy off with a friend and have date night.

However, that fell through. So, instead of staying in, we decided to just take Lucy with us! We headed to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and then took Lucy for a surprise. What was her surprise, you ask?


We went to a nearby mall for some play time in the soft play area. We had forgotten the mall has a carousel, and Lucy was THRILLED when she saw it. She rode one for the first time last weekend at the zoo (more on that later), and she is OBSESSED now! We might have let her ride it twice. 🙂



Unfortunately, it was hard to get a shot while she was riding it, so this was the best I could do.


After the carousel, we hit up the soft play area, and then Lucy wanted to ride one of the mechanical cars before we left. Of course, she picked the one with Garfield.




It’s really hard to get a non-blurry shot when your child won’t stop moving! We had a great night, and now we’re looking forward to another family day with a cookout, cookie baking and a trip to the park!

And So it Ends

Yesterday was my last day filling in as a guest editor…at least for a while. I thought (and the regional editor thought) it would last longer but, it is what it is. As with everything, there are pros and cons. We were hoping I would make enough in extra income through guest editing to fund our house renovation project. And, I would have had it last longer.

But, I know God has a plan for our family. Whether we remain as a family of three or add one more munchkin, I need to not stress about it. Everything is done in His time, and I need to remember that. Doors open and close for a reason, as I have seen happen SO many times in my life. Whenever I didn’t get an answer to prayer, I would be bummed until it became obvious that it happened for a reason.

The money I was bringing in was extra, which was nice, but now I’ll get to spend SO much more time with Lucy, and isn’t that the reason I quit my full time job in the first place? I’m still freelancing a bit (and hopefully will have a new magazine gig lined up soon) and doing some social media work, but it’s nothing like what I’ve been doing, and I’m looking forward to taking Lucy to more play dates, etc.

And, now I’ll have time to get back to my poor, neglected blog. Hopefully, our prayers will be answered the way we want but, until then, we are enjoying life with our crazy little toddler.

She Knows how to Work It

Tonight, we grabbed dinner at Subway while we were out running errands. Lucy was in a mood and started banging on the window. By then, I’d had it with her, and I told her I was going to spank her because she wasn’t behaving.

She came up to me, patted my hand and said, “Don’t be sad, Mommy.”

I said, “I’m not said. I’m mad at you.”

She just kept patting my hand and said, “It’s OK. Don’t be sad.”

How can I be upset with her when all I want to do is laugh?? That girl really knows how to get herself out of trouble!

Buy and Sell on Ubokia


With the loss of most of my freelance money, I do everything I can to make our dollars stretch. I rarely buy Lucy’s toys new because, at this age, she could care less. Of course, for her birthday and Christmas she gets brand new items (usually purchased with gift cards I’ve gotten through rewards websites), but for every day toys, she’s still at the age where she doesn’t care where toys come from, and I’m going to use that to my advantage.

I love finding sites online where I can browse toys and clothes for sale, make a deal and then pick them up. One new site that I’ve recently come across is Ubokia, a site similar to Craigslist. On Ubokia, you can choose from several categories and then select if you are looking to buy an item or if you want to sell an item. One aspect that I thought was really cool is that you can look through a list of peoples’ wants. I’ve never seen it presented that way on a website before.

In order to buy items listed on Ubokia, you must first list a “want” item (which really helps you in the long run anyway because you might end up selling it!). Then, you can start a conversation with the seller and go from there. Buying through a blog marketplace means you are connecting with other like-minded people, making it easier to find what you want and in general your interactions are more pleasant than something like Craigslist. Ubokia is easier for buyers because all they have to do is post a want and let sellers come to them. No more searching! And, it’s easier for sellers because they don’t have to wait to potential buyers to view their products. They can immediately connect with buyers.

From what I understand, you can purchase items from anywhere in the country (as long as they’re willing to ship) because, rather than paying in person, Ubokia uses uTrust and payment is made through PayPal. With uTrust, Ubokia is the safest way to buy online, which I’m sure will ease the minds of those people who are wary of buying items online with credit cards and other bank information.

The one thing I was bummed about was not being able to find anything in my immediate area for Lucy, but I’m going to keep looking. Maybe I can find a seller who will mail items to me and, hopefully, items in my area will be listed soon!

Have you ever heard of Ubokia? Do you plan to check it out?

I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.