I need to get some new pads for chairs for my patio set. It would be nice to sit out there and drink our morning coffee on the weekends, but my current chair cushions have gotten SO weathered from rain and other weather. They look really rough. I want to find some pretty ones that are more stylish. That might dress up our deck a bit.

My Newest Diamond Candles Ring

I am a tad obsessed with Diamond Candles. I love the excitement and surprise when I pull my package out of the candle and unwrap it to see what ring I got. I never wait for it to burn all the way down to the ring, though. I typically burn it for a couple of hours and then dig the ring out because, well, I’m impatient!

I had a voucher leftover from a previous daily deal, so I redeemed it and my candle arrived today. I burned it for two hours and was able to (fairly) easily dig the ring out. I had my fingers crossed for a solitaire. While I didn’t get that, I think my ring is absolutely GORGEOUS. See for yourself!

I am seriously in love with it. It does have a stamp inside the band, but I can’t read it. The ring is a tad too big, so I’m hoping I can get it resized!

Wordless Wednesday: Rock Climbing


I love going to the beach when I go on vacation, and one of my favorite places to visit is North Carolina. There are some great beaches, and you can sometimes find some great deals on vacation rentals like southport real estate at SeaCoastRealty.com. My sister and I are hoping to plan a trip to one of the North Carolina beaches — hopefully next year — and I can’t wait!

Tuesday Toddlerisms

“I’m going to sleep until light out, then get up, then watch Diego. I will.”

Yeah, I’m not seeing the sleeping in until light out happening. What funny things have your toddlers been saying lately? Share with us in the comments!

Make a Meal Monday: ‘What Do You Mean It’s Not Real?’ Chili

I’ve decided to get back into the habit of sharing recipes with you guys, so I’m going to make every Monday a recipe day! Most of my recipes are vegetarian, but there will be some (hopefully!) that include meat as well.

Because it’s been so cool here in Georgia today, I thought I’d share my recipe for vegetarian chili. I love chili, and this version apparently, tastes like it’s made with meat. In fact, we took a big batch a vegetarian potluck a few years ago, and the host pulled us aside, thanking us for our contribution but reminding us that it was a *vegetarian* meal. She was quite surprised when we told her that it was, in fact, vegetarian! I don’t think we had anything left to take home that night. That’s just how good it is.

You can add anything you want to it. We like to add onions and jalapeno peppers. Yum! It’s very hearty, and we always have a ton of leftovers. Doesn’t this just look delicious??

And now, for the important part — the recipe:

1 package Griller Crumbles
2 cans diced tomatoes
2 cans dark red kidney beans
2 packets chili seasoning (we use 1 original, 1 hot)
chili powder to taste
1 onion
Jalapeno peppers to taste

Brown the Griller Crumbles in a pot (no oil necessary). Add tomatoes, kidney beans, seasoning, chili powder, onions and jalapenos. Stir, cover pot and simmer for 20 minutes.

If you try this recipe, make sure you come back and let me know what you think! And, if you like this recipe, click this link to repin it!