Potty Trained!

We are officially potty trained. Lucy’s been trained during the day and at nap time for a couple of months now, and now she is able to go through the night without any accidents. I cannot even tell you how excited that makes me.

We struggled with potty training for a while, as you may remember. I think she just wasn’t ready at first. But then, one day, it just clicked. She told us she had to go to the bathroom, and from then, it’s been smooth sailing. Up until last night we put her in a pull up at night, and she wouldn’t even go to the bathroom in it when awake (either right before bed or after she woke up before we put panties on). I was a little nervous about how night-time training would go (I’ve read it can take kids up to age 5 for their brain-bladder signals to connect), but it looks like we’ve made my goal of having her 100 percent potty trained by age 3.

As much as I want to have No. 2, I am really enjoying NOT having to buy diapers anymore! We would like a year without diapers before we add to the family. 🙂

A Day at the Park

Last weekend after being confined to the house for five days with a horrible sinus infection, I was feeling a bit better, so we took Lucy to the park. It was a beautiful day, and she had a great time. The pictures say it all.










Vacation, Day 2: Oh Say Can You See

We spent our second day of vacation in Baltimore. This was the day I was looking forward to the most, not just because of the Orioles game honoring Cal Ripken, Jr. that night but because Baltimore is my favorite city. I couldn’t wait to spend time there.

Our first stop was the Inner Harbor. We grabbed lunch at Uno’s (one of my favorite restaurants) and ate outside overlooking the water.


While we were eating, Lucy spotted dragon paddle boats, so we took her for a ride in the harbor. She had a blast, probably because she wasn’t the one paddling!





After our paddle boat ride, we toured the USS Constellation. Joe was super psyched about this. It was pretty neat, but I ended up dealing with a cranky toddler (that’s what happens when she misses her nap), which put a damper in things a little.










Lucy was so cranky that we picked this shirt up for her at the gift shop on the way out. We thought it was pretty appropriate. 🙂


I got to pick what we did next, so we headed over to Fort McHenry. Although I lived in the Baltimore/D.C. area for 14 years, that was the one place I had never visited. I’m really glad we went. It was so neat to stand in a fort that was built more than 200 years ago and to look out to the water where Francis Scott Key penned The Star Spangled Banner on a boat.





This is one of the “bombs bursting in air.”


After touring the fort, we trekked to Camden Yards for the Orioles game.


We got there several hours early but there were already THOUSANDS of people there. It was insane trying to get around. We ran into a TV reporter and told him our story of having traveled there from Atlanta specifically for that game. He wanted to interview us but, because of horrible cell service at the stadium, his text to us was delayed and we missed out on it.




It was neat getting to see Cal Ripken, Jr. honored as one of the Orioles greats. He has been my favorite baseball player since I was a child, and one of my best memories was getting to meet him in Atlanta. He’s a class act.


Despite not having had a nap, Lucy was pretty good for the game.



We hung out at our seats through about the 6th inning. After we left to try to meet up with the TV reporter, we stumbled upon the kid’s area. Lucy had SO much fun.





When we left, Lucy wanted her picture taken by all the players’ numbers out front. Because of course she did. And, no, I won’t show you them all. You’re welcome.



Up next, our trip to the National Zoo and Philadelphia!


Wordless Wednesday: How YOU Doin’?


It Still Stings

Last night, I thought I might be pregnant. I hadn’t had my period in a month, and I was 10 days late.

So, on my way home from a meeting I covered, I stopped by the drug store to grab a pregnancy test. I was sure I wasn’t, even though I was off my birth control, but I couldn’t help by think, what if? It would have been so coincidental to find out I was pregnant with No. 2 the day before Joe’s birthday since we had found out we were pregnant with Lucy the day before my birthday. I imagined how we would tell everyone the news. I was making plans in my head as to how to fit another child in our three-bedroom house.

We were excited at the possibility. We definitely weren’t planning on getting pregnant now (I was only off my birth control because I had forgotten to get a refill), and the timing wasn’t great, but we could make it work.

But, three minutes later, we saw the two glaring words “not pregnant” on the digital test. I wasn’t as sad as I had been the two years we tried to get pregnant with Lucy because I know God has a plan for us and that everything happens in His time. That peace comforted me. But, even after finally getting pregnant, knowing I most likely won’t be able to have an “oops” pregnancy is hard. It still stings.