Weekly Totals ~ 01/11/13

I bought a lot more this week than last but still stayed under my goal of $40 a week. I bought a bunch of canned items at Kroger during the Crazy Eights sale, and I may go pick up a few more tomorrow night.

So, since I bought a bunch of canned goods, produce and meat, I didn’t have any coupons. But, I did have $11 from the Pop to Save game on my card, which helped my total out a bit!

Here’s what I got this week:

Kroger Wheat Bread – $0.88
Kroger Hot Dog Buns – $0.98
Kroger Orange Juice – $1.88
Kroger Chicken Breasts – $10.77
Navel Oranges – $4.79
Bananas – $1.25
Kroger Ravioli x 4 – $3.08
Bush’s Chili Beans x 4 – $3.52
Kroger Sloppy Joe Sauce x 2 = $1.76
Kroger Pasta x 2 – $1.76
Kroger Milk – $2.99
Kroger Frozen Broccoli – $2.48
Kroger Frozen Mixed Vegetables – $2.48
Kroger Mac n Cheese x 2 – $1.36
Kroger Chili Seasoning x 4 – $2.76
Baked Potatoes – $1.99
Kroger Canned Corn x 2 – $1.38

After my $11 credit, I paid $36.26 this week. I also made a trip to CVS this week to use my BOGO Stayfree coupons, and ended up spending $0.66 for 13 packages of pads and 8 candy bars. So, my grand total for the week was $36.92. It wasn’t my best week ever, but I stayed under my goal, and I got a bunch of canned items and stocked us up for a while on chicken. I think it was a pretty successful week!

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

We’ve had a lazy few days, which is kind of nice. We’ve puttered around the house, done a good bit of snuggling and playing, and I’ve really been working on getting the house really cleaned and organized. I don’t know what it is about the new year this year, but I’ve been on such an organizing kick. My goal is to really get our closets in shape, since I always seem to just toss things in them. And, I’m not a big “cleaner” to begin with, so I’m hoping now I can really start straightening up on a daily basis to keep our house nice and neat.

Tomorrow, we have a play date with some of Lucy’s friends from Sabbath School. They’re coming over, and they will be the first kids we’ve had over since we’ve had the play room. I’m excited, and Lucy is even more excited than I am. She has their whole afternoon planned out – they’re going to dress up like princesses and then play princesses. Lol.

The one thing I’m NOT looking forward to, though, is not being able to take a nap. We have to be up pretty early to head to Rome for my ENT appointment, and then Lucy’s friends are coming a little after noon. When they leave, it will be time to run out the door to go to gymnastics. Whew! It will be a busy day, but a fun one. I have a feeling I may be in bed at the same time as Lucy tomorrow night!

Week in Phone Pics ~ 1/52

I’m excited to join up with Living Like The Kings for this Week in Phone Pics feature. I take SO many pictures on my phone each week – way more than on my actual camera since I have my phone with me 24/7.

We had a pretty fun week, especially since New Years Eve came at the beginning.

Lucy was the center of attention with all her grandparents at my in-laws’ cabin for New Years Eve, and she was awake to ring in 2013 with everyone.

We did some snuggling. We had a mommy-daughter date to see Monsters Inc. in 3D. Lucy got a belated Christmas gift from her godparents (a Cabbage Patch doll!), and we went on a play date to Chuck E. Cheeses!

AJ, Lucy’s favorite of our three cats, got stickered up and, during a visit to the in-laws’, Lucy had a dance party in their garden tub and helped her grandpa on the elliptical. It was a fun week!

Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan. 7, 2012

I’m linking up with Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

I’m looking forward to getting back into cooking this week. I’m trying out a new crock pot chicken recipe tonight that I hope turns out well. I really need to start using my crock pot more (it’s so freaking easy!), so I’ve been looking for more of those types of recipes that I can adapt for our family.

Since I’m not covering as many night meetings anymore, we’ll be eating takeout less, which will be REALLY nice. I’m looking forward to eating at home more.

Here’s what I have planned for this week:

Monday: Crock Pot Coca-Cola Chicken, Vegetarian Buffalo Wings, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies

Tuesday: Tacos, Spanish Rice

Wednesday: Spaghetti, Veggies

Thursday: Taco Bell (our usual post-gymnastics dinner)

Friday: Haystacks or Mac n Cheese and Veggies

Saturday: Dinner out

Sunday: Frozen pizza

What’s on your menu this week?

Sunday Confessions

I’m linking up with Every Day is a New Adventure.

1. I’m a texter. I would MUCH rather have a conversation over text than talking on the phone. It drives my husband crazy.

2. We are starting to work on improving our house. I am dying to do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. I’m trying to take it step-by-step, but it’s hard.

3. I really want another child but I’m trying to find peace in only having one should another one not be in the cards for us.

4. I eat chips and salsa almost every night. I’m obsessed, and it’s a great “TV snack”.

5. I always wanted to have a little girl but, seeing how Lucy is SUCH a Daddy’s girl and hardly ever wants Mommy, I kind of want a little boy in the hopes that I’ll be the preferred parent.

Weekly Totals ~ 01/04/12

I did do much shopping this week. There wasn’t anything I *needed* from the store, though I may try to run to Kroger tomorrow night to get some more Morningstar products.

I did, however, hit up the sale on paper products at CVS. I got 3 packages of Charmin toilet paper, 2 packages of Bounty paper towels and 2 bottles of Dawn dish soap for $30.83. I used $5 in ECB, so I paid $25 OOP and got back $10 in ECB – not a bad trip! And, between that purchase and the awesome Amazon deal on Quilted Northern, we should be stocked up for most of the year. Hooray!

This year I’m hoping to keep better track of my grocery spending so I can know exactly what I’m spending and how much I’m able to save. This year, my goal is to spend $40 a week. We’ll see how this goes!