Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 14/52

We had fun last week celebrating Easter, visiting my family and just hanging out! Last week:


  • The Easter bunny visited
  • And, Lucy loved her Easter basket!
  • Lucy and Mommy posted for an Easter picture
  • And then we went to an Easter egg hunt with our Sabbath Schoo class where Lucy scored big!
  • We painted toe nails
  • A dinosaur ate Mommy’s finger (which makes typing this hard)
  • We took a nap with Dizzy
  • We modeled our “Talking 24/7” shirt (because Lucy talks 24/7. No joke.)
  • And, we dressed up like Ariel for dance party!

We also:


  • Tried to ride Uncle Randy and Uncle Ryan’s old scooter
  • Mommy and Daddy took an overdue self-portrait
  • Took a walk with cousin Marshall
  • And, ate Italian ice!

What did you do last week??

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Show Us Your Life ~ Favorite Kids Books

I am loving this week’s SUYL topic! We read a LOT in our house. Lucy “reads” after we put her to bed for the night, and when we cleaned off her bed the other day, I think we pulled about 30 books off – no joke!

Today, I’m going to share a few of our favorites, and I’ve also linked to their Amazon pages in case you want to buy any for your kids!

We LOVE us some Boynton books. We have almost all of them, and my kiddo can read “Moo, Baa, La La La” by herself! Here are our fave Boynton books:

Moo Baa La La La

The Going-To-Bed Book

Barnyard Dance!

We also love the Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. I got Lucy a couple for her Easter basket.

Happy Easter, Little Critter

I Was So Mad

Just Go to Bed

Grandma, Grandpa, and Me

And, last but certainly not least, “Goodnight Gorilla.” Lucy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this book, and she can read this one also!

Good Night, Gorilla

What are your kids’ favorite books??

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Bunnies, Eggs and Friends

We had a fabulous Easter this year. It was a pretty busy morning, but it was a ton of fun.

It all started out with Lucy getting her Easter basket! She was super psyched about everything in it, but I think the sidewalk chalk was her favorite. Girl loves to draw!



Then, we headed out to have Lucy’s picture taken with REAL bunnies! I had put off taking her to see the Easter bunny, and I’m so glad I did. This was SO much more fun, way cuter, and Lucy wasn’t freaked out like she normally by the creepy Easter bunny! In fact, Lucy wanted to bring the bunnies home with us. Lol. I can’t wait to get her picture this weekend!

After having her picture taken, we swung by the store to grab some munchies for a picnic and then headed to an Easter egg hunt with Lucy’s Sabbath School class! It was SO much fun! Lucy was staking out the eggs she saw as we walked from the car to the barn where the picnic was going to be held.

And, you guys, she ROCKED this egg hunt. For realz.





This is when she shouted, “YAY! EGGS!” Because she’s crazy like that.


After lunch, we picnicked with friends whose daughters are Lucy’s BFFs, and we all had a blast! We got some ridiculously cute pictures of Lucy and Macy. Seriously.





See? They are so stinking adorable! When we left, we went to Outback since we were still hungry and kids ate free, and then we came home to relax. And, count Lucy’s eggs, of course! Girl got 50 EGGS! She’s an egg hunting monster!


Of course, we had to dump out all our loot, just like on Halloween!


And, because I love it, a shot of Lucy with baby Belle. So cute!


I hope you all had a wonderful day as well!

Curious George DVDs ~ $10 or Less!

I told you guys I would let you know about good deals I find, and here are some awesome ones on Curious George DVDs! I found a bunch for less than $10 on Amazon!!

Curious George Goes Green, $4 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Sails With The Pirates and Other Curious Capers!, $4 ($14.98)

Curious George (Widescreen Edition), $4.99 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey, $5 (reg. $19.98)

Curious George (Full Screen Edition), $6.49 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Goes to the Doctor and Lends a Helping Hand, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Back to School, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George – Rocket Ride and Other Adventures, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Leads the Band and Other Musical Mayhem!, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Robot Monkey and More Great Gadgets!, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: A Bike Ride Adventure, $8.93 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: A Day at the Library, $8.93 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Gets a New Toy, $8.99 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George Makes New Friends, $9.80 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George Goes to a Birthday Party, $9.96 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Sweet Dreams, $9.99 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities!, $9.99 (reg. $14.98)

Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 13/52

Wow – I have a lot of pictures for you this week! Many are from our surprise trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s Saturday night – I don’t think I will EVER forget Lucy’s reaction when she saw where we were going. She LOVES that place!

Last week we:


  • Did puzzles
  • Got our new Easter basket
  • Hid from pictures
  • Celebrated Passover (you love Joe’s locust mask, don’t you??)
  • Showed off our loot from selling the afikomen
  • Snuggled the night before Mommy’s birthday
  • Had a Crayola Pox scare
  • Enjoyed a piece of chocolate fudge cake for Mommy’s birthday (OK, so only Mommy enjoyed it since Lucy was in bed and Daddy couldn’t eat cake for Passover!)
  • And, had our picture taken in front of the Wes-Man’s truck for Mommy’s birthday (he paints people’s names for birthdays and other celebrations that are called in).

We also:


  • Got new Belle slippers (they’re kind of creepy, right??)
  • Completely mismatched our PJs
  • Walked around town like a redneck (leotard and sneakers, anyone??)
  • Danced like no one was watching
  • Had a princess tea party with Prince Daddy
  • Drew our first face (pretty darn good for a 3-year-old, huh??)
  • Spent time drawing at our new desk
  • Celebrated Easter at church
  • And, Mommy got her awesome new Julep box!

And, we:


  • Posed for pictures
  • And, had a ridiculously good time at Chuck E. Cheese’s (When Chuck E. comes out, it’s like a toddler rock concert, y’all! My kiddo was heard shouting, “Chuck E.!! I LOVE YOU!!!”)!

What did you do last week? I’m linking up with Living Like the Kings!