Boy, my plan to start blogging here again regularly sure fell through, didn’t it? I have had such a hard time lately balancing work and being a mom lately that this blog has fallen by the wayside. With work, driving Lucy to and from school every day, and spending half the day out for ballet on Mondays, I feel like I have no time!

We’ve been doing well. Lucy is loving school, and we’re excited to move her to our church’s school next year when she will start going to school for the entire day. That will be an adjustment, but it will make life easier since I won’t have to go get her only 3 hours after dropping her off.

I’ve been trying to get back into couponing, and I’ve already got almost all of my Christmas gifts bought for this year. Yay! I’m already starting to think about Father’s Day because Joe is so hard to buy for. I always end up getting him an Amazon gift card, which he loves, but it would be nice to do something different. This year, I’m thinking about looking for a G-shock watch deal for him. He needs a new watch, and these look really nice. 🙂 Surely, I can find a good deal, right??

Hopefully, I’ll be back blogging on a regular basis soon!