birthday fun

we went to atlanta on saturday to celebrate my dad’s birthday. he wanted to see aussie floyd, who were playing at the fox theatre. now, i’ve only heard maybe one or two pink floyd songs, but the concert was pretty cool. this is not your typical tribute band. the stage setup had to have cost at least $500,000 with all the lasers and lights and the giant, inflatable kangaroo and warthog. this picture from my phone sucks, but you can kind of see the huge warthog on the right.

aussie floyd concert

it was a fun night. my dad had a blast, which was the most important part. oh, and a group in front of us lit up several times throughout (i really don’t think smoking is allowed in buildings here, especially not the smoking of illegal drugs), which was great. one of the guys kept blowing smoke back at us, and then he offered his pot to randy and joe. haha. then, he dropped it, and someone two rows up picked it up and started smoking it. nice.

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  1. Joe says:

    …Just another brick in the WALL! Good stuff.

  2. Laurel says:

    Nothing like the presence of illegal drugs to make dad feel young again, right?

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