weight loss woes

i’ve decided i want to lose weight. i’d really like to lose at least 15 pounds. so i’ve been watching what i eat and doing at least 45 minutes of exercising every day. and what’s happened? i’ve been gaining weight. so now i’m frustrated. i don’t understand why that’s happening. joe says i’ll gain muscle weight but lose sizes, which hasn’t seemed to have happened either. can anyone shed some light on this for me?

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  1. Kim Wells says:

    Muscle is leaner and weighs more than fat. So if you lose fat & gain muscle, your weight may not go down, especially at first. But your clothes will fit better (you’re leaner & less bulge-y).

    If you’re really watching what you eat, you can sometimes be surprised that something you think is good for you isn’t really. Try a food/exercise diary, like http://www.fitday.com. Also, are you using weight training? Make sure that you’re concentrating on multiple repetitions with lower weights. This is different from what most men do. They want to build muscle– you want to tone & strengthen it, while getting the benefits of the calorie burn from weights. So use lighter weights but do more Reps. Instead of the classic 3 sets of 12 reps, do 3 sets of 15 reps with lower weights. This way you won’t bulk up.

    All of these things I learned myself when I lost 50 pounds. I lost a lot more of fat weight, becaue I got muscle-y, but went down to a size 10 from a size 16.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    YOU CAN DO IT! This time last year I was 50 lbs. heavier! The sure-fire way to lose weight is very simple. Take your goal weight and multiply it by 10. That is the number of calories you need to eat per day. So, for example, if you want to weigh 130 lbs. you will want to consume no more than 1300 calories a day. Add exercise to this and you will absolutely lose weight. There is work involved in doing this. It takes discipline to read the nutrition labels and stick to serving sizes. Something that will help you count calories is http://www.calorieking.com. If you cannot find out the # of caloies in something this website will tell you or at the very least help you estimate. Also make sure to drink lots of water. The longer you do this and the more consistent you are the easier it gets, so stay with it! If I can do it, ANYBODY can!

  3. Sque says:

    Gaining muscle mass can be a good thing because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. You might consider more aerobic type activities like walking, or maybe a treadmill, which will burn calories instead of building muscle like weights can, for example.

    I have recently lost 47 lbs. on the Atkins Diet. It’s not about calories, but carbohydrates.

    Good luck to ya! I’ve enjoyed your blog and thanks for visiting mine! I’m adding you to my blogroll! 🙂

  4. cady says:

    i do more cardio than weights, since i work out here at home. i ride my exercise bike and then do pilates for abs and such. another problem i have is that i weigh myself every day, which joe repeatedly tells me not to do. hehe.

  5. beth says:

    My husband tells me the same thing. I’ve been gaining weight over the last few weeks since we started working out. It seems to be discouraging, but I will plug on in hopes that regardless of what the scale says, my clothes will actually fit better!

  6. ordinarydad says:

    I’m going to disagree with some of the advice here and say this: you need testosterone to bulk up (and women are only getting a significant amount if they shoot up anabolic steroids), so add weight training to the mix. You will initially gain weight for 3-6 months. At that point, your muscle gain will peak and your fat loss (which WILL happen from day 1) will start to translate into weight loss. You can’t bulk up, you can only firm up. Don’t go carb free if you are working out-Atkins is really designed for low activity persons. The protein is essential for muscle repair and that’s what you want it to do. Carbs are for energy, and if they are missing, your body will use the protein for energy instead of tissue repair. Bottom line: match carbs and protein, be well hydrated, and add 15 minutes of weights to your 30-40 minutes of cardio.

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