pull the plug?

i’ve been following the terri schiavo case lately. it’s very interesting to me. for once, i’m not leaning one way or the other. on one hand, terri’s husband says his wife told him she never wanted to be kept alive on a feeding tube. on the other hand, starvation is a horrible way to die. and terri’s husband already has a fiance, with whom he has two children. no wonder he wants his wife to die. what really bothered me was cnn’s report that when the doctors removed terri’s feeding tube “her husband was by her side.” in the words of joe, what a tool. so, needless to say, i’m quite interested to see how this end up when the judge decides to make his ruling.

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  1. ordinarydad says:

    Joe’s right; that guy is a tool. He’s standing there to make sure she dies.

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