talky, talky

apparantly i am quite the talker — whether i’m awake or not.

it seems like every morning joe is laughing about some crazy thing i said while i was sleeping. my husband isn’t as considerate as other husbands, though. other husbands would laugh and then go back to sleep. not joe. he engages in coversation with me while i’m sleeping.

this is how it went one night:

me: “did you try the ragu?”

joe: “what ragu?”

me: *grumbles*

joe: “i tried it. it was very good. thank you.”

me: “you’re welcome.”

then there was this one:

me: “did you pick up the stuff for thanksgiving from quik trip?”

joe: “yes.”

me: “thank you.”

joe thinks that conversing with me is much more fun then just laughing at what i say and letting it go. i think it’s kind of mean.

sometimes he does go without talking back to me. i actually knew i was talking last night. it’s kind of funny because in my head i was thinking that if i just stopped talking he wouldn’t hear me or remember it. i said, “did you put that stuff in your purse?” hahaha.

ok. i’ve spilled my embarrassing stories. now it’s your turn: what have you been told you say in your sleep??

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