the weekend

our weekend didn’t really turn out as planned. we originally were going to go to taco mac today to watch the patriots/giants game, since it was the biggest game of the year with the patriots coming into it 15-0. last night, we checked the time and found out it was the saturday night game. it was a good thing we checked because we both would have been upset if we had missed it. i’m not a big football fan, but even i was into last night’s game. the score kept going back and forth, and it was close up until the end. the patriots came back from a 12 point defecit to win and go undefeated for the regular season. i’m interested to see if they can keep it up for the post season.

today, we were going to play tennis, but it rained all night. and, when we woke up, we both were sick. joe has had horrible sinus problems, i feel like i’m getting the flu, and neither of us slept well last night. so, our plans of doing things around the house and working out didn’t happen either. we spent the day napping and watching tv. sigh. at least i’ve been too sick to eat! i just hope we’re feeling better tomorrow so we don’t have to cancel our new year’s eve party!

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  1. jenny says:

    hope you two are feeling better –

    the Patriots can usually cure any ill – they’re THAT good 🙂

    have fun at your party!

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